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10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 17, 2020
Tenth anniversary gifts are those that have to be given great thought. These gifts have to convey those feelings that words otherwise fail miserably. Here's how you can do it in eight simple ways.
A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.
― Paul Sweeney
As years pass by, it gets increasingly difficult to pick out perfect wedding anniversary gifts for your wife. After a relationship that has spanned over so many years and let's add another 4 or 5 years of courtship, you have probably exhausted your think tank of gifts for her.
But this is no excuse to not come up with the perfect 10th anniversary gift for your wife.

In fact, after spending such a long time together, there is ample scope to mark this era with some special gifts. To make your 10th anniversary gift idea for her special, note down smaller nuances of her personality.
Think of what she likes to do in her free time, things she questions you about, moments she reminisces about, something that she has been yearning to do, and so on and so forth. These notes are going to be your guideline for planning an unforgettable gift for her this anniversary. Take a look at some of the ideas below, to know what we mean!

Plan a Photo Shoot

Every relationship is made up of memories, from when you first professed your love to an incredible day like today. How wonderful it would be if someone could capture all those beautiful memories and put them together? Indeed, it would be a priceless gift.
However, if you have lost the opportunity to capture past moments, here's a chance for which you need to step up and do the needful. Hire a photographer to shoot the two of you, all in love at the end of your monumental 10 years. Make your children a part of this shoot too.
This way, you will be able to lock a special day in photographs that you can return to, every time you feel bad memories towering over the good ones.

Script Your Story

You don't have to be a prolific writer to script your love story. All you need to do is have the chronological order of events of how you met, how things happened from then on, right up until now. Recounting your own love story will be a great way of narrating it to her through your perspective.
It is also a way of telling her the things you admired about her, loved her for, and the reasons why you chose to marry her still hold true at the end of sinusoidal 10 years. Every woman loves to know the story of how her man has loved her and loves her, no matter how old the relationship gets. So, pick up a pen and paper and start making your notes now!

Gift Per Hour

Make the whole day special for your wife by gifting her something special every hour. You can wake her up with a breakfast-in-bed coupon with a menu that she can pick from, move on to a coupon that offers a relaxing time at the spa, then a dress that she can wear to a lunch date with you, may be a pair of earrings when you greet her for lunch.
Then take her out where she can pick up a gift for herself, another evening dress for a romantic dinner date, and finally end the day with a ring in the box, reigniting the memories of when you first proposed to her. With so many gifts per hour that intend to make up her day, she sure will be swept off her feet once again.

Cuddle Up Kit

If your ten years of marriage have children involved and demanding jobs, surely there is hardly any time to sit, chat, listen, and just cuddle up. No woman can ever have enough of cuddling up with the man she loves. So, take up this creative, inexpensive, and highly effective gift idea seriously.
Put together two pillows and a quilt to make both of you comfortable, her favorite movie (or the one she wants to watch), a fine bottle of wine, two glasses, and some chocolates in a gift basket. Leave it on the couch; wait for it to unveil its magic to you as she finds it soon enough!

Map Your Story

So what if this anniversary you cannot travel to a new place? Make a map of all those places that your love story has witnessed so far. You could also add some places where you intend to take her in the coming years.
This will add an element of surprise and keep the interest going with something to look forward too. This gift is a sweet way of framing a timeline that otherwise is only remembered on certain days of the year.

Love Puzzle

They say that it is the thought behind the gift that matters more than the gift itself. And a love puzzle is exactly that. A marriage is like that empty box, that has to be filled with happiness, intimacy, trust, transparency, and tenacity to pursue a journey the two of you sought together.
Sometimes, feelings are not directly said as they are; maybe they have to be understood through the body language of the other person, the tone of their voice, the touch of their hand, and many more things that a language cannot speak. Such is the intricate beauty of understanding one another.
An arty gift to represent the same is a love puzzle. Make a simple raft-like structure out of ice cream sticks, write a message on one side, and stick a printout of your wedding day picture on the other side. Cut this structure along the ridges, bundle up the pieces, tie them up, and voila! Your gift is ready!

Kidnap Date

Kidnap her from the daily schedule of running the home, getting all the work done, and her hectic office tasks. Whisk her away, somewhere far away, for a quiet time together.
While you plan this daylight romantic kidnapping, ensure everything else that she won't be doing that day is taken care of. Fix a romantic meal in the boot of your car, and enjoy a date that you've wanted to on your anniversary, just with her.

Tattoo To Get Her

A lot is argued about the inability of men to show love and affection in the right way. Getting a tattoo together, a mark that only the two will share and a moment inked for an eternity, is surely an act of love that none can doubt upon.
So, get inked to show what these 10 years mean to you. It need not be a big tattoo, but just a small symbol that sums up your love for her would suffice too.

While it is true that the thought and gesture of gifting is greater than the gift itself, it is also true that the thought must be seen through the gift.
While executing these gifts, ensure that you plan well and deliver it even better. A 10th anniversary marks incredible teamwork, immense togetherness, and a legacy of happiness that has to be cherished with these gifts and every sentiment with which they are given and received.