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20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Aparna Jadhav Mar 2, 2020
20 years of marriage is a big milestone in one's married life, and an even bigger reason to celebrate. Let's mark the occasion with some great ideas that you can draw inspiration from for varied gifts that you can give your spouse, or friends who are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.
20 years together is much to be proud about... and much to look forward to. In this day and age of quick divorces, a marriage that lasts for 20 years is no less than a miracle, they say. But then your case is a little different--you always knew that y'all were meant to be together for a lifetime, right?
That there was no other way to it? Of course there have been fights, and there have been the ups and downs; but then here you are standing strong through it all--proving yourselves right, and the cynics wrong.
Did the love you have for each other make the years seem like a breeze? And now that you look back to all those years spent together, you can't believe that it has been that long? Believe it. In fact, don't just stop at believing--celebrate. And with celebrations, there will also have to be gifts.

Gift Ideas for 20th Wedding Anniversary

There are several themes that you can follow when it comes to gifting that special gift--you could either go traditional with gifts like china and platinum, or you could opt for something modern that includes luxury and utility products, and/or services.


China is the traditional choice of gift for the 20th wedding anniversary. In itself, china provides for a whole lot of choices for gifting. You can choose from exotic china ware, or go with crockery sets and dinner ware.
Or you could have a completely different take on the word 'china' and go with something that is inspired by it--like anything that is made in China for example. 'Cause who's saying you have to follow the textbook word for word? Of course you can twist and turn it to open up a whole lot of possibilities. So what kind of china will it be for you then?


Even though platinum is quite expensive, it is, no doubt, one of the most beautiful ways of expressing your love for each other. Platinum signifies the strength and bond that a couple share, that which is essential to make a relationship last, grow and continue to prosper.
So how about going all out and giving each other a platinum watch, for example? We're just loving the play of words that go with watch and 'test of time'. Are you? What's more, even though platinum is another traditional gift choice for the 20th wedding anniversary, it's very much a modern gift as well, so you're golden on both counts.

Wedding Memories

One of the most sentimental gifts that you can opt for on the occasion of your 20 years together? A jog through the memories of your wedding day... and the years that followed.
There are several things that you can do to make this idea work--you can either choose a great photo from your wedding and frame it, or you could make a collage of yourselves as a couple thinking up of different themes, like before and after marriage snaps, or your journey through the years as a couple, or your honeymoon.

An Exotic Vacation

An exotic vacation. Just the two of you. No kids, no work, no responsibilities, no tension. How does that sound? The perfect way to celebrate 20 years of togetherness, we would say. Whisk each other away to a really romantic setting and rekindle the romance.
Talk till the way hours of the morning (we can think of something else that you can do till the wee hours of the morning as well), enjoy the great food, go sightseeing, or simply relax and rejuvenate--just like this couple in the image to the right. That's all you need, really.

Matching Jewelry

Another fantastic idea for your 20th wedding anniversary is jewelry. Even though you don't have to wait for 20 years of your married life to give each other jewelry, this can be a great option if you haven't given it before. You can even think of matching jewelry, like a sleek and classy set of rings.
Platinum is the traditional choice of gift for the 20th year of marriage, so you could go with that, but if your budget does not stretch for anything platinum, you could opt for something in gold or silver as well. After all, it's the love that you have for each other that matters.

Something Indulgent

Use this occasion to splurge on something extremely luxurious/expensive, and indulge yourself by buying something that you normally would not. Like how about something like a recliner chair?
Think of what you've always wanted and have not had a chance to buy. It could be a limited edition dress or jewelry, a golf clubs set etc. Go all out and really bring in the 20th year of your marriage with some fancy things.
How about that then? Got some ideas on what you could do and how you could turn that special occasion into something even more special? Go on then, plan that perfect day and the perfect gift that will go with it.