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25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Sujata Iyer Feb 26, 2020
Looking for perfect 25th wedding anniversary gift is a must to celebrate the occasion. This story will give you some wonderful ideas on it. Have a read.
Marriage is a lifelong celebration of love. It is a bond which keeps two souls intertwined with each other in such a way, that the love can only grow with each passing day. And as the days and years pass, the couple becomes so strong, that they simply cannot imagine life without each other.
Being in a marriage has its ups and downs, of course, but the ups definitely outnumber the downs. Spending 25 years with a person may seem like a huge task for some, but for others, spending even an entire lifetime with the one they love seems like just a day or two.
When you're nearing that 25 year benchmark in your marriage, it is definitely a day to rejoice. So make sure to get an amazing anniversary gift for your better half on this glorious day. And if you're stuck, well, we have some good ideas in this article. Read them and choose!

For the Wife

You've spent 25 amazing years with your lovely wife. She deserves to be appreciated and pampered. Given below are some fabulous gift ideas that your wife will love. Use them to surprise her on your special day.

Say it With Silver

25 years equals silver jubilee. What better gift to give your wife on your silver anniversary, than silver? Among items in silver that you can give her are, a silver ring engraved with your names, silverware, a silver heart with a message engraved, silver jewelry, roses preserved in silver, and soooo many more different things in silver.

Letter Chatter

This is one of the most romantic gifts ever. For each of the 25 years that you have spent with your wife, write her a letter, telling her how much you love and value her. You'll definitely need to get a head start on this one.
Include special incidents, funny incidents, anecdotes, difficult times, and everything possible that you can think of, in these letters. Rack your brains and try to remember small details. Nothing makes a woman's heart flutter, like when her man remembers every tiny detail about her.

or the Husband

Your husband, your soulmate! He's been with you since forever. And has kept his promise of loving you, no matter what. He's seen you through your mood swings, given you the remote when you gave him a stern look and still smells your hair when you're out from a shower. On your 25th wedding anniversary, he needs to know just how much you treasure him. Do that with the following.

Fun Basket

Get your husband a huge gift basket, and fill it with 25 big items, that you know he'll love. Some examples are silver cuff links, silver tie pins, golf set cleaning kit, a nice perfume, his favorite CDs and DVDs, key rings, belt buckles, a personalized shaving kit, an old edition of a favorite book, tickets to a favorite concert or game, etc.

Hubby's Day In

Yes, that's right! Call his office beforehand, and let them know that he won't be coming in. Cancel all appointments for the day. Wake him up with a glorious breakfast in bed. Then in a pretty gift box, give him tickets to a movie that he's been wanting to watch.
Have fun at the movies, come home and cook him his favorite lunch. Relax the entire day, and for dinner, take him out to a fancy restaurant. Go back to the courting phase of your relationship. Only this time, you do his part.

For Parents

If it's your parents who are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary, then here's a couple of gift ideas for your parents that you can use to surprise them on their big day.


A brilliant idea is to have a big party in which your parents can renew their wedding vows. Plan it like it's your wedding! Go all out on everything; from decorations, to food, to the guests and flowers too! Buy your parents gorgeous wedding clothes and have the entire ceremony reenacted.

Get Them Away

Not from each other! From their maddening and mundane routines. That's right! One of the best ideas for a 25th wedding anniversary for your parents, is to plan a trip for them. Tickets, hotels, entertainment, everything! They definitely need a vacation, so give it to them. If not a long one, at least a weekend getaway. On the big day, gift them the entire package. And make sure they take it and USE it!
So, I think you're more than equipped with some nice ideas for silver anniversary gifts. Take your pick. And if you have more ideas, do share them with us. Happy Anniversary!