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25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Arjun Kulkarni Mar 4, 2020
In a world where marriages have a short mortality; 25th wedding anniversary is quiet a momentous occasion, that deserves a celebration and gift to commemorate 25 years of togetherness.
In today's time, they stand as a testimony to the fact that true love, with a little adjustment, compromise and mutual understanding, can stand the test of time. One wonders what to gift such a couple that has enjoyed the gift of mutual love for 25 years!
With the high divorce rates that we have, a couple married for 25 years is quiet a sight to behold. They'll tell you that they fight, just like any other couple, but there are bonds that keep them together no matter what the challenge they face. Which is why, a 25th anniversary needs to be celebrated in a way the married couple will remember forever.


Well it isn't called Silver Jubilee for nothing you know! You could buy a silver dish (or a silver-plated one!) with their names engraved in it.
You could also put in a romantic verse or two from their favorite love song or poem! The right kid of designer crockery can look brilliant on the dinner table or even in a shelf. This gift will be something the couple can use for a very long time.


You could also gift them a silver-colored photo frame.
You could make it even more special if you can somehow get your hands on their original wedding photograph and frame that one! An awesome detailed frame made of pure silver (or even plated silver) Would be an amazing looking gift for the couple of 25 years.


A compilation of love songs is always going to be one of my favorite ideas, be it any occasion! If someone you know, who are about to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary right now, they probably got married in late eighties.
There were quite a few good love songs released in that year including Lionel Richie's Hello and I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder. Another very good gift is to take one of the classic love stories of all times, like the story of Cleopatra and Mark Antony and replace it with the names of the couple!

Vacation Plan

You could also send the couple for a much-needed vacation, like a second honeymoon. The preferred choice would be the place they always wanted to go to.
If that's not possible for whatever reason, you may choose the closest possible choice, something that the couple wouldn't disagree with. The idea if to realize what they like, instead of displaying your own idea of a fun place. Other gifts that can come in this category include vouchers for spa treatments, or a gym membership.

Identical Jewelry

If you intend to get the husband and wife different anniversary gifts, you can buy identical pieces.
You can get them similar silver jewelry like rings, watches, etc. or earrings for her and a ring for him. The design can be completely identical, or according to either person's taste. For example, the guy's ring can be larger and thicker, while the girl's ring would be thinner with a larger gem.

Surprise Party

You could also throw them an anniversary party. If they like dancing, you could book a ballroom. You can get them a bit nostalgic by throwing a party with a wedding theme.
If the couple are a bit on the wild side, you could throw them a slightly wackier themed party! This idea works best when done by a group than by an individual. You could fly the couple out to a vacation spot, where you'd be waiting for them, complete with an entire party house for the night.

Flowers and Cake

Like silver is the metal that marks the 25th wedding anniversary, iris is its flower. You could gift them a bouquet of irises. One of the simplest ideas would be a traditional wedding cake with a silver topper and 25 candles.


Nothing floors a woman like a man singing her favorite songs! So what if you sing like a crow? With a few singing lessons, you could perfect the art and burn a CD of your loved one's favorite songs.

The Movie or Theater Plan

You can consider yourself lucky if there is a good movie playing at the theater.
With a little influence, you can get the theater manager to arrange for a silver ribbon for her to cut, and the best seats in the house. Or the full house for that matter. If there is no such movie, don't fret! You can rent her favorite movie and snuggle up on the couch! You can take her to an opera or a romantic musical if she enjoys that more than a film.

Symbolic Jewelry

Jewelry is also a good gift. Buy her a new silver ring and promise her a gold one after another 25 years! Or it could be something that only the two of you could understand. Like a special earrings set that reminds you of an adventure you had together, or something that celebrates your love for the same thing.

Special Dinner

On the other hand, everyone knows that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
Whatever he said in 25 years, a man loves and values his wife's cooking over everything. You can cook him his favorite dinner. Have a nice quiet homemade dinner and talk about the 25 years that you've shared together. Finish it off with some awesome dessert and dance to your favorite song.
A 25th anniversary is a special occasion and you can make it their special day with these gifts! Remember that it is only as special as you want it to be. It can be a chance for you to get out with your spouse, get together with all your family and friends or enjoy the comfort of your home if you don't get to do that often. Just make it something that you will remember for the rest of your lives together.