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3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

Neha B Deshpande Mar 17, 2020
It's your third wedding anniversary, you had been waiting for it all this time, and now you are confused about what to gift your husband? CelebrationJoy gives you some 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas for husbands.

Leather or Glass? Both, we say.

Combine the traditional with the modern by gifting him something that has both leather and glass. How about a glass photo frame with a leather border?
Your third wedding anniversary is fast-approaching and the same old question bugs you every time. What to gift him this anniversary? Don't worry, for we have made your task easy.
Traditionally, the third year anniversary is also called a leather anniversary, and that offers you ample scope to buy leather stuff for your husband. The third wedding anniversary is also associated with glass or crystal.
In this story, we have given you different gift ideas for your 3rd wedding anniversary; some that go with tradition and some that don't. Of course, you should consider your hubby's interests before getting him the gift. If he does not admire leather gifts, gift him something in glass. If not that, gift him something else-anything that he would like.

Traditional Gifts

Tradition says that a third wedding anniversary is symbolized by leather. Well, with leather, you can never go wrong and you have plethora of options to choose from.

Leather Accessories

◾ Select from leather wallets, belts, hand gloves, bracelets, or other accessories. Gift him a wrist watch if he would like it, or a suitcase if he needs one. You could personalize your leather gift by engraving his name on it.
◾ If he does not like traditional colors, choose different colors in leather.

◾ Another option could be to gift him a nice leather photo frame or a leather-bound album with select pictures of the two of you.

Leather Wear

◾ If his wardrobe needs additions, buy him leather wear. Check his wardrobe before that. You could gift him an expensive leather jacket or coat. Shorts or pants are among the other options in leather wear for men.
◾ For a country-side look, you could gift him a cowboy hat and shoes. You could complement your attire with his, and take him on a long drive to a countryside, or go horse riding together on the day of your wedding anniversary. Well, that's besides the gift.

Modern Gifts


◾ Like the one shown in the image above, you could gift him beer mugs with beautiful messages inscribed on them.
Or gift him couple glasses with your names inscribed. You could go all creative with the choice of messages on the mugs or glasses. They could bear your names, romantic lines for him, or even the mention of some memorable moments of your life together.
◾ Gift him a glass trophy that will tell him what he means to you.
This trophy will serve as a memento for the future years. Or you could add a fun element by gifting him the trophy that says 'Best Husband Award'.
There are many websites that offer you customized trophies and plaques. To make it personalized, you could get a blank trophy and paint on it. You could paint your engagement and wedding dates or write some lines just for him that tell him he's the best.

Blending Leather and Glass

◾ If you're willing to invest some time, go creative and design something unique. Like the image above, you could inscribe his name on leather and put it on a glass frame. Or you could get a glass frame with a leather border and gift it to him with select photographs.
◾ You could choose something like a leather wallet with crystal or glass designs, leather bracelets with glass elements on them, a glass flask or sunglasses with a leather case, or a leather centerpiece inside a glass case. You can find these online.

Electronic Gadgets

◾ If your hubby is techno-savvy, you could gift him an electronic gadget that he would love to use. This one's going to be expensive. So do consider his requirement and interests before choosing a gadget as his gift. If he is using an old mobile phone or laptop, take the opportunity to gift him the latest one.
◾ You could base the anniversary gift on his hobbies. Gift him a camera if he loves photography, an e-book reader if he loves to read, or a music player, if he enjoys music.

◾ You could also choose from other options like a smart watch, electric messengers, electric sunglasses, etc.
◾ If he likes video games (regardless of age, men do enjoy them; some women find it irksome though.), gift him a new game according to his taste. Take help from a male buddy or do some online research if you are not a video game person. If he would like to have a new gaming console, buy him one.

Other Ideas

◾ The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, they say. So cook him a delicious dinner and enjoy an evening at home instead of a typical restaurant date.

◾ Spoil your husband with gift vouchers, or tickets to a concert or sports event. Or buy tickets to a movie he would love watching with you.
◾ For a cheesy gift, opt for love coupons, such as 'breakfast in bed' or a 'free massage'.
◾ You could gift him sports accessories such as a wristbands, sports shoes, shirts, a sports kit, golf clubs, etc., depending on which game he loves to play. If he is an ardent fan of a particular sports icon, you could gift him a book about him, or sports items autographed by him.
A gym membership card is a great gift idea for someone who is a fitness freak.

◾ If he is a fan of any particular sci-fiction or superhero movie/television series, gift his a set of these and add to his collection.
◾ If your husband loves music, you could gift him his favorite music collection. If he plays a musical instrument, you could gift him the required accessories. If you know he wants to learn music, or that he had always wanted to be trained in music but could not, enroll him for music training classes or gift him books that he could learn from.
Spend the day of your third wedding anniversary reminiscing the years you were together; you could spend some time watching your wedding video tape or browsing through your wedding photos. Whatever you gift him for the anniversary, the most precious thing that you should give each other is time.
Finding time for one another is perhaps the greatest gift one can give his/her partner; especially so in our busy lives of today. Give him your time, on special days like these, and always. It will make your life together, more beautiful.