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3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts that She Will Love

Shruti Bhat Mar 9, 2020
Wondering what to get your wife for your 3rd anniversary gift? Traditionally, gifts call for crystal and/or glass, but it's easier to present her with leather (faux) goodies that are more economical and practical, which she'll use everyday.

Did You Know?

For a 3rd wedding anniversary, people often believe that leather goods, crystal, or glass would make ideal gifts.
Three years have come and gone, and it's that day again, your anniversary. It's time to show your honey how much she means to you, once again. Looking around the room, you can probably see that she's got the whole shebang, jewelry, clothes, makeup, bags, wallets, gadgets, shoes, etc.
What to buy for a person who has almost everything? More importantly, what to buy for a third wedding anniversary, which won't give you a one-way ticket to the dog house?
Yes, we do understand your dilemma. A few things to remember are that you can practically buy anything if you have the money, but true gifts don't just come from the pocket, but also from the heart. Buy her some exclusive gifts that she can not just use, but also flaunt to her friends and family, and chiefly, be proud of the thought and love behind it.

Photo Locket

A beautiful, photo locket is always a classy and classic gift to give. Personalize it with a special engraving behind it, to give it a personalized touch.
Engrave, I Love You, or Mia Amour, meaning 'my darling', or You're My Sincere D'amour, meaning 'true love', or 'So that I'm always with you and close to your heart'. Don't forget to add your photograph in one of those slots, before you gift it to her.

Leather Jewelry Box

A display is as important as its contents. Therefore, our next suggestion would be to gift your beloved a beautiful leather jewelry box.
Find one that will give her maximum utility and space, with individual compartments for earrings, chains, necklaces, and also for another gift mentioned here.

Bath Essentials

You may find this at many malls, and you can personalize these by adding a few more things. Add in aroma oils (of her favorite scent), scented candles, potpourri, incenses, creams, lotions, soaps, etc.
If you are wondering what else to buy, think about it this way―what would she like to use when she kicks back and relaxes after returning home from a long, stressful day?


The only thing to remember is that while choosing aromas, pick one fragrance for all the products; for example, if you pick jasmine, choose all products that are of the same fragrances, rather than all in different fragrances.


You will find a long list of cashmere clothes at the mall. Pick anything from t-shirts, shawls, scarves, caps, socks, ballet shoes, etc. Choose one or more of those in her favorite color; she is sure to love it and love you more for such a thoughtful gift.

Gourmet Chocolates and Wine

There is no celebration without wine/chocolates. So, why should this be any different? Pair the gourmet chocolates along with her favorite wine and voila! You have another option for an anniversary gift!

Charm Bracelet

Never give an empty wallet, a purse, or jewelry kit. Place a charm bracelet in the jewelry kit and see her face light up with surprise. Even if you are on a budget, you can find these in almost any price range for that priceless look on her face.
Choose charms for her every amazing quality. Don't forget to add one extra thing―a key, because she holds the key to your heart. Cheesy we know, but it's still worth giving it a shot.
These mentioned gifts with loving words of endearment will, for sure, make your 3rd wedding anniversary a very memorable one.