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40th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Tulika Nair Mar 17, 2020
Have your parents spent forty magical years together? Do you want to know which are the best gifts that you can give your parents on the 40th anniversary of their wedding? This articles tells all.
In a day and age where marriages are more short lived than ever before, it is pure magic to see a couple that has spent almost four decades together. And what makes such a day even more magical is to know that this couple are your parents.
If your parents are celebrating their fortieth year together, then you have to give them a gift that will not only express your love to them but also tell them how much them being together means to you. In this article, we give you ideas for presents that you can gift your parents.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Parents

It is a huge day in your parents' life. They have spent forty years of their lives together caring for each other and for you. How do you celebrate this special occasion and tell your parents how important they are to you? One of the ways to do this would be to gift them some very special gifts for their fortieth anniversary.

Recreate the Date

If you are married, then you would always treasure the first time you spent an evening out with your partner. The same is true for your parents as well. In most families, the circumstances under which their parents met and their courtship period are stories that are recounted at family dinners or holidays.
If you have all the details that you need from the first time your parents went on a date, then do everything in your power to recreate the night for your parents.
From the movie they saw to the restaurant they went to, and even the food they ordered. Ask your parents' friends for details. Nothing can be more special to a couple celebrating their fortieth anniversary than revisiting their first date.

Traditionally Theirs

Every anniversary is associated with a specific gift item, like silver is synonymous with the twenty fifth anniversary and gold with the fiftieth. Similarly the fortieth wedding anniversary is symbolized by rubies. Nasturtium is the traditional flower associated with the fortieth anniversary.
If your parents are sticklers for tradition, then combining these two traditional gifts can be a great idea for their special day. Get your parents his and her rings studded with rubies, or maybe a cuff-link set for your dad, and a necklace for your mom.
Another gift idea could be to get them a bouquet of nasturtiums in a ruby encrusted vase. Traditional gifts go down well with most people and can be beautiful gifts to give.

Memories from the Past

There are always some memories that you hang on to. Moments from the past you remember when you are down and depressed. Moments that always bring a smile to your face. The same is true for your parents as well.
There will be memories, happy ones, that you have shared with your parents and those memories that they have shared with their friends and family members. Contact these people. Make a video with what their loved ones have to say about your parents as a couple.
Intersperse the video with photographs of your parents, and home videos. It can be a thoughtful gift that you parents are sure to treasure. If you do not want to make a video, then get everyone to write down what they feel about your parents and get all of it compiled in an ornate, handwritten, handmade book.

Second Honeymoon

They have time on their hand and after years of spending their lives working 9-5 jobs and looking after you (their kids), they finally can spend some quality time with each other.
What could be a better gift for them than the opportunity to go on a second honeymoon? Get together with your siblings and make a note of all those places that you have always heard your parents talk about. Zero in on what would be according to you, their favorite holiday destination, and send them on a honeymoon, again.
You could also choose to send them on a cruise. Let them rediscover the joy of love and the happiness they find in each other's company. Nothing could be a better gift for their anniversary.
These are just some of the ideas that you can use. Choose a gift idea that you are sure will touch a chord with your parents and make them very happy.