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Endearing 50th Anniversary Decorations

Mamta Mule Mar 1, 2020
Working on the 50th anniversary decorations is a fun-filled task. You have a lot of decor pieces and ideas that can be used to create the perfect ambiance for this grand celebration. Here are some tips on the same to help you.
Celebrating 50th wedding anniversary? That is an extremely special day for the couple and the family members.
If you are planning a 50th anniversary celebration party, keep in mind that appropriate decorations play an important role in making the party venue attractive and jazzing up the ambiance.
If you are planning to work on the decorations without any professional help, the following sections are sure to help you. Adding a personal touch will definitely make these decorations even more special.
Follow the tips given here, explore your creativity and add many more elements to perfectly beautify the party venue.

Decorations to Make

Golden is the color that you can't miss out while working on the 50th anniversary decorations. Just keep in mind that its overuse will lead to an 'over-flashy' looking space. You may use it in a combination with other complementary colors to get an eye-pleasing look for the venue.

Golden Decor Pieces

There are a number of decor pieces that you will be using to decorate the party area. Opt for a golden and silver or golden and red color, golden and violet theme and start working on this decoration project. Golden colored tulle, sheers, metallic satin ribbons, golden hanging balls are some decor pieces that you can add to the space.
With these, add red flowers, red petals, red satin ribbons and red balloons to balance the color theme. In bouquets and other flower arrangements you can use thin golden ribbons and golden glitter powder with red and white flowers.

Memory Walls

Now that's going to be the focal point of the party hall. Wondering what are you supposed to do? Well, all you need to do is collect the old photographs of this golden couple and get set to start with the decorations. You must have a set of photographs consisting of special moments captured from their wedding day till date.
It is best to have the photographs which mainly focus on the couple. Now locate the largest empty wall in the party hall and get set to plan the layout of these pictures.

Create a Calm Ambiance

The decorations need not be too loud, except for the golden theme. Create a calm and soft atmosphere by adding soft colors like sky blue and off-white to the area. You can play soft music in the background to create a nice mood. For 50th anniversary table decorations, use off-white table cloths and place a small centerpiece on each table.
You can use a lovely glass flower vases as a table centerpieces with violet's flowers placed in it. Another party table centerpiece idea is using sky blue and white cylindrical candles. Grace the chairs with nice satin covers and fancy golden metallic ribbon.
Add a message board at the entrance where the guests can write their wishes for this couple. One of the anniversary ideas is to follow a theme, right from the invitations till the dress code. In this case you need to inform your guests about the same. Make sure that you put up a large '50th wedding anniversary' silver and golden letter banner.
Ask the couple for suggestions about the party planning and decorations so that you can have it all designed and decorated according to their likes. Renting large decor pieces to beautify the empty corners and for adding a grand entrance for the party area is a good idea. All the best!