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50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Grandparents

Selecting an anniversary gifts for your grandparents is not as tough as it looks. All you have to do is give the following article a read for some ideas.
While the gift can be a simple and personalized item signifying a memory or an extravagant one commemorating their golden years together. Knowing one another, sharing every laugh, rough patches together for five decades is definitely special. Hence, what you need to do, is to make this day all the more special for them by giving them the perfect gift.


If both your grandparents like gold, you can gift them matching bracelets, rings or watches. If your grandmother loves gold jewelry and your grandfather loves to dress up, you can buy earrings for her and gold cuff-links for him.

Photo Album

After 50 years of holy matrimony, your grandparents would obviously like to keep a collection of family photos with them. Make a gold-plated frame or a photo album which has pictures of all the years of their beautiful journey together. You can also pick a special picture from their various photographs, make a collage and place it in a gold plated frame.

The Perfect Gift

Just thinking about a wedding anniversary gift takes you down memory lane. Think about something they had mentioned to you long back. Just getting the appropriate gift shows how much value you give to them. Make sure all family members get involved in this gift hunting process to make it more fun and creative.

Night Out

Couples who have spent 50 years together deserve some time alone on this special day. Gift them late night movie tickets or a sponsored dinner. You can also book a hotel room (if it fits your budget) outside the city and make sure they enjoy some quality time together.

Throw a Surprise Party

Arrange for a surprise party for the couple and make sure you invite all the people who have shared some important moments with them. The list of people include grandchildren, couple's own children, office colleagues, old friends, etc. Set their favorite food on the table and make sure you have a unique anniversary wedding cake for the couple.
The above-mentioned ideas will definitely give you an ideal start to plan your grandparents' anniversary and make it a yet another memory they would love to treasure.