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5 Year Anniversary Ideas

Shalu Bhatti Mar 2, 2020
5 years of togetherness is achieved after going through a lot of compromises, adjustment, misunderstandings and then understanding each other again. Which is why, it becomes a grand occasion to celebrate the fifth anniversary. Here are some interesting ideas that will help you make this day all the more special.
The most wonderful of all things in life, I believe, is the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has a growing depth, beauty, and joy as the years increase. ...
...This inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvelous thing; it cannot be found by looking for it or by passionately wishing for it. It is a sort of divine accident, and the most wonderful of all things in life. ~ Hugh Walpole, Sr.
Spending 5 precious years together means that you have spend half a decade in each others arms, discovering each other, each moment, knowing and understanding the best and the worst of moods, knowing the likes and dislikes ..., and the best part is, that there is still a long way to go!
Did you know that 5th year anniversary is symbolized by wood? Therefore, it is said that a 5th year wedding anniversary should include gifts made of wood.
The reason why it is symbolized by wood is based on the degree of stability and maturity that these 5 years brought to the relationship, and therefore, couples celebrating the 5th anniversary are said to have a relationship as strong and steady as wood.
Although it ain't necessary to follow the tradition! What matters the most is that your beloved should cherish your ideas and efforts to make this day all the more special. Keep reading to understand how special it is to celebrate a 5th anniversary.

Planning Out the 5th Anniversary ...

Understanding the 5th Anniversary Symbols ...

There are four elements that symbolize the 5th anniversary. These elements include the traditional symbol -- Wood, the modern symbol -- Silver, the traditional flower for the occasion -- the Daisy, and the traditional gemstones associated with the wooden anniversary are -- Turquoise and Sapphire.
The significance of these elements when it comes to togetherness, is explained as under.


Starting with the traditional way of symbolizing the 5 years of unity, let us speak about the symbolic representation of the wood.
Ever wondered why the ancestors used the wood to signify the bond? Well, as already mentioned, wood is an element which is strong and stable, but not completely unbreakable. It sort of portrays the strength/weakness of the bond that develops between two people with time.


Nowhere close to the traditional symbol, the wood; comes the modern representation of spending half a decade with each other, the silver! Do you think there could be any similarity between the two? Well, if I really try to put some logic into it, then this is what my brain tells me.
Like wood, which is strong but not unbreakable, silver is considered to be a precious metal, but not as precious as gold. So, like wood, silver also symbolizes the silver spark in the relationship, which still has the tendency to turn into a golden one.


The traditional/modern flower that is ideal to be presented to your partner on this day is the Daisy.
The best part about this flower is that it has various choices of colors. So, if you don't want the bright yellow, you can always go for the pristine white! Apart from the purity, this flower represents innocence, loyalty, simplicity, and trust; something that is mandatory to make your relationship more strong, don't you think?


Turquoise is known as one of the oldest stones mined more than 6,000 years ago.
It symbolizes protection, love, strength, and healing. It is also said that presenting someone a turquoise brings good luck, wealth, and fortune. So, why not gift each other a turquoise embedded in silver, and make the gift meaningful and memorable!


Sapphire is known as the Stone of Destiny, and is also a traditional gemstone to present on the wooden anniversary day. The word 'Sapphire' is a Greek word which means 'blue'.
Wouldn't a blue sapphire embedded in silver be the perfect gift on your anniversary?

Wouldn't it be fun to mix these anniversary symbols together, and come up with a theme that is totally dedicated to the 5th anniversary celebration in each and every way! To begin with, think about it.
What is it that couples usually do while celebrating their anniversary? Let me see ..., priceless gifts, perfect wining and dining, and the acts to remind each other that with each and everyday passing by, they are still head over heels for each other!
The following sections discuss the different areas on which you need to focus, to make this anniversary special, after all, you won't be celebrating the Fifth Anniversary again, right?

The Mood ...

What do I mean by the mood? Hello!!! You can't just get up in the morning and expect things to be perfect on their own.
I would love to ask you to keep your preparations a surprise, but then, because your anniversary is something that is special to the both of you, I would suggest you to let each other know that "it would be special!" Try to take a day off.
Cherish the unity of the 5 long years that you guys have spent together. Though 5 years may not sound that long a time, let me put it as 60 months, or 1825 days. Now that sounds long! Don't you think the achievement is worth celebrating? ;-)

The Food ...

Goes without saying that you should include your favorite dishes in the menu, although, if I may suggest, add your flavor to the menu and be the chef! You know what sounds even better, cook together!
I honestly feel that cooking together is one of the best ways to spend some romantic moments together, the chopping, the stirring, the tasting ..., doesn't it all sound fun?
To blend in the 5th anniversary symbols with the wining and dining, why don't you serve your meal in some nice silver cutlery? Decorate the table with some fresh daisies, and ... read on further to know when to include the other elements.

Is Your Partner Wooed?

The courting and the wooing is not something that should stop once you're together, it is an ongoing process which should continue even when you celebrate your 75th anniversary!
So, brighten up the day with the little things you do, and the meaningful things you share, and all this you do, is a way to tell him/her that you care. So, what can you do? Well, haven't the 1825 days told you what it takes to sweep your partner off their feet!
If I were to guess, then you should be ..., "just you"! Just the person your spouse fell in love with. So, dress your best, smell your best, flirt with each other like the old times, bring in some new romantic ways to woo your love, and be with each other at your best!

The Gifts to Include ...

Another mandatory ritual that you need to do this day is to get your partner the perfect gift. This is the part where you can include the '5th anniversary elements'. When it comes to the gifts, you need to make sure that its something that makes it meaningful.
So, including the 5 elements for the 5 years of togetherness, here is a list of some possible gifts that you can choose from, and yes, you are free to think of something unique and out of the list. :-)

Wooden Gifts

Jewelry, jewelry box, pen holder, carved paintings, couple sculptures, laser portrait on a wooden plaque, pendulum desk clock, Bonsai tree, photo cubes, etc.

Silver Gifts

Silverware, jewelry, jewelry boxes, antique sculptures, photo frames, silver rose, silver plated 'reasons I love you' stones, pocket watch, cuff links, watch case, etc.


Well, you can opt for anything, from jewelry to showpieces to photo frames made of silver, with sapphire and turquoise embedded in it.
Though in my opinion, the most ideal option would be a jewelry item with these wonderful stones . A ring, a bracelet, a pendant, a cuff-link, or anything; as long as its from the heart, would make the perfect gift.


Well, apart from presenting a bouquet , there are a lot of other things that you can do to include daisies as a gift. You can get a daisy shaped pendant made with silver and sapphire, you can also get a painting of daisies, you can get a flower cake (daisies of course), and what not!

What Does all this Conclude?

Well, all this concludes that you can make this anniversary different from "just any other anniversary", by including the elements which mean something when made a part of your celebration.
People usually give importance to the 25th anniversary, or the 50th, or the 75th! But I say that each and every anniversary is special in its own way. I mean, like you tend to celebrate 25 years of marriage only once, you also get to spend your fifth anniversary only once, next year will be the 6th!
Just make your beloved feel special and loved, because in the end, that is all that counts! :-)