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Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

Deepa Kartha Feb 12, 2020
Are you looking for a special anniversary gift for your husband? You have the option of buying one or gifting something you've made for him. Here, we will help you to choose the best anniversary gift for your husband.
Wedding anniversary is a very special occasion for couples as it marks the day on which they became one. It is the day when couples celebrate the time they've spent together. Gifts are a way of showing your love for your partner and making him feel special. Most wives find themselves in a fix while trying to get the perfect gift for their better halves.

Gift Ideas for Husband

Most men are gadget freaks and love the idea of possessing the latest ones. Hence, buying an electronic gadget for your husband this anniversary would be a great idea. Some of the electronic gadgets you could buy as gifts are, a laptop, an MP3/MP4 player, a DVD player or an LCD TV. If you do not know much about the latest in technology, you could ask one of your male friends to help you select the gift.
Men like useful gifts. You could gift your husband a fountain pen, a briefcase, a stylish laptop bag, a leather wallet or a card holder. You might like to buy him formal wear, a stylish silk tie or a belt and cufflinks.
If your husband is crazy about a certain sport, you could gift him gear for that sport. If he likes to watch sports tournaments, you could gift him tickets to watch his favorite team play. Or you could gift him branded merchandise of his favorite team.
If you have a budget for something expensive, you could opt for a car, a home theater system, a camera or a high-end gaming system. It's a good idea to take your husband on a holiday to some exotic faraway place. An elaborate romantic lunch or dinner at a cruise makes a good luxury gift. Gifting him a platinum, diamond or silver ring is a great way to show what you feel for him. A limited edition wrist watch or a perfume make excellent gifts for a husband.
We all get mighty impressed when someone showers us with gifts that connect with our interests. If your husband is a health freak, gift him a health club membership. A home gym equipment is also a good gift idea.
You could surprise your husband by buying tickets of his favorite rock band or musical concert; that if he is a music enthusiast. Tattoo vouchers make great gifts for tattoo lovers. If he is an avid collector of stamps, coins, sports cards, miniature vintage cars, you could add those to his collection.
Or you could gift him a painting kit, a toolbox, a fishing rod or a woodwork set depending on his inclination. An autographed collection of books from his favorite author is a nice idea if your husband loves to read. A set of golf clubs or chess will be an affordable yet classy gift.
You could enroll your husband's name for sailing classes, flying classes, martial arts classes or for any other hobby he would want to pursue. Subscriptions to a good magazine or journal is also a great gifting option.

Unique Gift Ideas

Writing a love letter will be really romantic and something that will be cherished by your husband forever. If you have a creative streak, begin your letter with a romantic poem or quote. There is no rule that you have to write an original one here. Write a letter in simple words that shows how special your husband is, for you. This will be the best personalized gift for him.
Giving your husband a special gift of some of your photographs together will be a great anniversary gift idea. Select pictures that were taken during your courtship days, on your wedding day, when your children were born, and on other special occasions in your life together. Add a caption to each photograph if you like. Along with the collage, gift him a scrapbook with messages for him, from close relatives and friends, and a special love message from you!
Arranging a dinner date with your husband is a wonderful idea. There is no denying the fact that it is one of the most romantic gifts for him. Cook your husband's favorite dishes and decorate the room with scented candles and flowers. Have some melodious music playing in the background. Add a bottle of vintage wine or champagne along with chocolates to set a romantic mood. Enjoy dining together.
If your husband is an adrenaline junkie, you could gift him an experience. Go sky diving, hang gliding, paragliding or bungee jumping. Or take him on a fighter plane or helicopter tour. You can make it more romantic by doing all these activities together.
You can also gift him stock car race or driving coupons. A derby or golf package makes a classy gift. If he is interested in water activities, you could gift him coupons of scuba diving or snorkeling. Spa packages and food tours are other interesting gift ideas.
You can express your feelings for your husband by actually composing a love song for him. You can either get it recorded from a professional musician or can take help of music websites to record it. You can play it for him as a surprise.
The other option is to record all your husband's favorite love songs on an audio player and gift it to him. You can also prepare a small video by adding photos and videos of the two of you with romantic songs playing in the background. This musical gift is sure to make your husband happy.
You could arrange a special day for your husband, when the both of you visit the place where you first met. You could pay a visit to all those places you frequented during courtship. Take a trip down memory lane, with him.

Other Gift Ideas

~ Personalized gifts like mugs, t-shirts, engraved items, etc.
~ Hidden message collar stays
~ A portable car gadget charger
~ iPhone bike mount
~ Liquor flasks
~ Customized paperweights
~ Gadget cases
~ A musical instrument of his choice
~ Speakers
~ Liquor rack
~ Diary
~ Swiss army knife
~ Photo frame
~ Survival kit
~ Hammock
~ Sat Nav
Apart from these, you could throw a surprise anniversary bash for your husband by inviting close friends and family members. You could also send flowers and chocolates at his workplace or do something special that day, just for him.