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Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

Mayuri Kulkarni Mar 17, 2020
On our parents' anniversary, we all wish to make the occasion special and gift them something memorable and heart-warming. But sometimes, the desire to find a special gift may come unstuck, and we struggle to come up with something appropriate. Well, if this situation sounds familiar, fret not.
Deciding a gift for wedding anniversary of parents, is surely a daunting task. But with few simple considerations you can come up with the best gift for both your parents. Wedding anniversary gift for parents can be sentimental, personal or a surprise event.
So, swipe to find out what you can gift your parents on their anniversary. While grownups and young adults can think of many options to gift their parents on their anniversary, kids and preteens struggle for options. Here are a few suggestions for kids and preteens
  • A letter telling your parents of all the things you are grateful for.
  • Make breakfast for them, or in the evening, cook a nice meal and set up a table outside with candles.
  • Get them two movie tickets or tickets to a concert or play that they would like to watch.
When you want to give some useful accessory to your parents, then the best way is to relate the gift to their hobbies and interests. Say if your mom-dad love watching old movies at home, then present them a collection of some of the best movies of all time.
If your parents love reading books, then present them the latest best seller. So, similarly choose a gift that reflects the taste and personality of your mom and dad. Now, let us take a look at some more gift ideas for parents anniversary.

Make it Personal

Personalized gifts make some of the best gift ideas, no matter what the occasion is. Today, almost all the accessories and gifts can be personalized and you can go for coffee mugs, photo frames, table calendars, etc. Personalized table calendar is a nice wedding anniversary gift and you can use photographs of your mom and dad to prepare them.
Try to collect maximum photographs of your parents, right from their wedding or photos before their wedding. There are various ways to design the personalized calendar. For example, say your parents got married in July, then you can use their wedding photo as a background for the July month.
One more personalized gift for wedding anniversary is coffee mugs with photographs imprinted on them. You may also gift personalized kitchen wares like plates and spoons, or personalized key-chains, t-shirts and many more accessories. The list of personalized anniversary gift ideas is unending, and you can choose any gift that will be loved by your parents.

Plan a Surprise

If you are employed or have a source of income, then you can arrange a picnic or a trip to a nearby weekend gateway. This is a certainly nice way to celebrate the wedding anniversary of your parents. Moreover, when you do not want to present material gifts for parents, this option can serve as a wonderful anniversary gift.
You can book a bed and breakfast near your town and make arrangements for cake and dinner for the special day. This can be a surprise gift, but make are sure that your parents have no other plans for the wedding anniversary. Else, you can inform them a month before the wedding anniversary, so that they can make changes in their schedule.
You can also arrange a surprise wedding anniversary party at your home or at an hotel and invite all the close friends and relatives for the occasion. If you have a high budget then you can also think of sponsoring a vacation for your parents.

Go for Sentimental Gifts

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to cherish the memories of lifetime. So, if you enjoy preparing scrapbooks then you should certainly consider making one such nice scrapbook for your parents. To start with, collect the photographs of your parents and arrange them in thoughtful manner.
You can take help of your relatives and close friends of your parents. Decorate the scrapbook with accessories and love notes and present this incredible gift to your dear parents.
Another idea for sentimental gift can be to prepare a video footage and interviewing your near and dear ones. Ask each person to share memorable incidences and stories with your parents and this will certainly make the most valuable gift for the wedding anniversary.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

If the above ideas don't strike a cord in you, or seem unsuitable for your parents, you can choose to gift them traditional anniversary theme gifts. As you may be aware, each anniversary has a theme color or gift associated with it. Likewise, you can choose the above mentioned gifts accordingly. The one's not mentioned are pearl and coral for the 30th and 35thanniversary, respectively.
The list of anniversary gift ideas is quite long, and the ones mentioned here are just a few. However, when it comes to gift ideas for parents, you can always come up with an innovative idea of your own. At the end of the day the thought counts and not the gift.
Parents being parents will value you love and attention more than any gift you give them. Good Luck!