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Blissful Anniversary Party Ideas

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Feb 25, 2020
Anniversaries are special occasions for a couple which they can celebrate with their loved ones. Here are some great ideas for anniversary parties which will help you plan the perfect day for the special someone in your life.
Wedding anniversaries are special because they reaffirm a couple's love and commitment for each other. They also bring back fond memories of the couple's special day.
As time passes, couples become used to each other. Many complain that they are growing apart or the flame of romance has diminished. The anniversary is the perfect occasion to bring back the romance in a marriage.

Anniversary Party Decoration

The decoration should be done in a way that reflects the mood of the party. Select the theme after checking out the venue. Here are some tips to help you out with this.

» Welcome the guests by hanging a colorful welcome banner at the entrance of the hall. Decorate the banner with red roses and carnations.
» Select a particular theme for decorating the venue. For a romantic theme, use red heart-shaped balloons, red roses, and confetti. Bamboo leaves and artificial palm trees can be used for a beautiful tropical-themed party.
» The decoration is almost incomplete without an elegant centerpiece. Create a romantic ambiance by using colorful floating candles in a huge glass bowl as the centerpiece. Floral centerpieces look good in all seasons.
» Make a wonderful collage with the couple's photographs. Include the childhood pictures and hang the collage in the center of the hall. Paste a sheet near the collage and ask the guests to leave some nice comments.

Party Ideas for Wedding Anniversary

The anniversaries are times to celebrate the years a couple spent together successfully, despite all the odds.

» Plan a big barbecue party and invite all your family members and friends.
» Plan a romantic cruise on a yacht and invite the friends and family to enjoy and party along with you.

» You can plan a theme party and ask your guests to dress up according to the theme.

Great Ideas for the 25th Anniversary

The 25th wedding anniversary is also known as silver marriage anniversary. It symbolizes the 1st major milestone in a married life.
One way of celebrating it is by renewing your wedding vows in front of your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. This is followed by a wedding reception.
Cut the cake, raise a toast, and show your love for your spouse of 25 years. You can go for a second honeymoon with your love. Plan a musical party, with songs from your era and dance to your favorite melodies.

Ideas for 50th Anniversary

This party has to be all the more special, considering the fact that the couple has cherished their marriage for almost a lifetime. Since gold is the traditional symbol for the 50th anniversary, you can incorporate the color in your party decorations.
Set the dinner table in beige or ivory-colored linens. Place scented candles in gold candle stands. Red roses in a gold vase will make a lovely centerpiece. Use white china with gold trim and place matching golden paper doilies under the plates.
The special day also calls for some great music. Play the couple's favorite romantic song. You can also hire a local band to rock the party.
These are a few ideas that you can use to plan and celebrate your anniversary. Most of us tend to take our partners for granted after a while. This is the time to show and express your love for your better half. Remember, it is not only about being creative, but also being thoughtful towards your partner.