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9 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Pets

Shalu Bhatti
Christmas, the much-awaited holiday season, the season of gifting and sharing. Want to know awesome Christmas gift ideas for your pets? then read on!
"Do you have a pet?" Eugenia shook her head. "I don't know very much about animals." "There's nothing much to know. You feed them; they love you."
― Eloisa James, Duchess By Night
There are so many innocent qualities in pets, irrespective of the kind you own, that make them our perfect companions. They need nothing except a loving home and a food-filled bowl. And you know the most amazing things that pets teach their master―unconditional love and forgiveness.
You go home late and don't acknowledge your dog who waited for you all this while, or you spoke rudely to him because he wanted to play fetch while you were busy working. Unlike humans, your pet will not hold any grudge against you, and will race towards you as soon as you call out his name. This is the kind of love they give.
And while us, the humans who are incapable of reciprocating even half of the enormous love they shower upon us, can certainly make this Christmas special for them with special gifts.
All they need is your love, time, they wouldn't mind your leftover food, and a corner to snuggle up. It wouldn't be wrong to say: We get them gifts for a festive season, and they see it as a surprise without even knowing what the occasion is, and what does it mean! For them, the occasion is you. So, surprise them with these 9 gifts shown ahead for your pet!
Disclaimer: All images shown here are for representational purposes only, and do not imply the availability of the product with the vendors mentioned in the content.

1. Yummy-licious Treats

An unlimited supply of good food, and a master who's always in a good mood ... what else does a pet want?
Pamper your pets with their favorite treats this season! Go for reputed brands such as Royal Canin, Isle of Dogs, and Wooflink, and Bubba Rose that have special Christmas treats for your hungry pet dog that he'll really love. To make things more interesting for your pet, you can display these treats in a Christmas-y way.
For instance, have a special Christmas tree for your pet, decorated with tasty hotdogs, yummy candies, and scrumptious cookies. Wrap these treats with red ribbons and decorations, and present it to the pet, but make sure only the treats are eaten, not the packing.

2. Fun-tastic Toys

Eating and playing, what else do pets love more? And when it comes to toys, we all know that pets are no different than kids, and every new toy would be welcomed with a great deal of excitement. Gift your pets some interactive, plush, or rubber toys, that are made with material that doesn't harm these curious fellows, in case they end up swallowing them.
You may also opt for organic toys. As we know, for a pet, playing equals shaking, chasing, fetching, and chewing! We found some great options in brands including Ruff Ruff Couture, Planet Dog, FroliCat, Simply Fido, and West Paw Design.

3. Gorgeous Attire

Christmas gives everybody a chance to dress up and look their best, why should pets stay behind?
Most pet stores have endless options when it comes to pet outfits and innumerable accessories.
From a scarf to a sweater, a bow tie to a frock, you want it, you'll get it in all desired shapes and sizes for your adorable pet.
If you are one of those brand-conscious owners, a few good names would be: Wooflink, Oscar Newman, D.O.G. Collection, and Pooch Outfitters. So, fancy up your adorable family members, and make them the center of attention by gifting them a cute and stylish attire.

4. Fun Costumes

Introduce the zest of fun and frolic to your Christmas celebrations, by dressing up your pets in fancy Christmastime costumes.
Put an antler hairband on your dog, and turn him into Santa's reindeer. Red horns and a devil tail would make your pet look like the cutest devil ever. If you have two pets, make one look like an angel and the other as the evil one. See how the Santa costume with open arms makes your cute cat look. Stir up the fun element in the atmosphere with this option.
We absolutely loved the options we saw in Glamor Dogs, Rubie's Costume Company, which is a popular source for costumes even for us humans, have also started selling dog costumes. Other good options we came across were Foufou Dog and The Ritzy Rover Pet Boutique.

5. A Comfortable Spot

Another amazing option would be to give your pet a new comfortable spot―a bed, a cave, or a chair―in the house.
As loving and caring our pets may be, we all know that they have their own territory in the house. Why not give them a new spot to mark their territory. There are endless pet-friendly options available in the market, wherein you'll find both simple and fancy bedding for your pets.
Jax and Bones, Paul Frank,Louisdog, and Dogs of Glamor have classy options to make your pet feel royal in the true sense. If you wish, you can buy a sofa exclusively for your pet, to be placed in the living room. We know pets who love to sit in their sofa when guests arrive home, and listen to the conversation happening. Trust us, your pet would love it!

6. Fancy Collars and Leashes

We think that a pet's collar defines a lot about the owner, and how well a pet is kept.
You will be overwhelmed with the options you'll find in the market when it comes to customized pet collars and leashes. You can opt for a Christmas-specific collar, an everyday customized collar, or a fancy party-wear collar, depending upon the need of the hour.
Brands like Gwen Gear, Hip Doggie, Susan Lanci Designs, and Martha Stewart Pets are worth considering. Whatever brand, or design you choose, make sure that the collar is not too tight/loose for the pet. Also, it should not be made of material, or contain a design that may injure the pet in any way. Give your pet a leash/collar that defines comfort, in style!

7. New Feeding Bowls

If we'll be coddling our pets with luscious treats, it only makes sense to complement these with a new bowl!
Get them personalized with your pet's name, or have fancy designs on them, there are endless options out there. Brands such as M. Isaac Mizrahi, Bowsers, Oré Pet, and Louisdog, are a few among the popular ones in the market.
However, more than the brand, it is important to make sure that the bowl's size is in sync with your pet's appetite. EatBetter Bowl helps your pet eat slowly, in a healthy way. To add to it, you can also get an automatic pet feeder for this cute little member so that you don't have to worry about its food while you're away.

8. Pampering and Grooming

Who doesn't love to get pampered? While we don't leave an opportunity to visit a spa before a party, why don't we consider taking our pets too?
A massage, nail clipping, fur trimming and styling, all these and more services are offered in pet spas. Special baths with special shampoos and aroma oils would make your pet feel as if in celestial bliss.
And they'll be all energized to paint the town red on Christmas eve. A variety of products―right from shampoos, fragrances, paw and nose rubs, conditioners, and ear cleansers―are available, and we suggest brands such as Cain & Able, Angels' Eyes, Li'l Pals, and Happy Tails.

9. Lots of Love!

Lastly, and most importantly, it is love that we all need at the end of the day, and pets are no exception!
Don't ignore them in the midst of the busy lifestyle around you. Pamper them, hug them, love them and see how their mere presence takes away the daily stress of life, and makes you realize that their innocent eyes, and love-driven gestures are the greatest gift you could ever receive.
You may shop from websites like FunnyFur and D.O.G. Pet Boutique; they have various sections as per your pet's need, in varied price ranges. Check a few options and compare quality and prices before making the final purchase. And most importantly, don't forget to give your pets a lot of love during the holidays and always. Have a merry furry Christmas!