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Ideas to Plan the Perfect Banquet

Deepa Kartha Mar 22, 2020
While planning a banquet, one of the most important things you need to plan is the budget. How much money you spend is going to affect the preparations for the banquet. So, once that is decided, go about planning the 4 most important aspects of the banquet: the venue, the seating, the decor, and the food.
Hosting a banquet, whether for a small party or a big one, is no easy task. Nevertheless, we have attempted to enlist most of the aspects that go into planning one, with ideas that you can use to enhance each.

The Venue

The two options you have when it comes to deciding the venue of the banquet are indoor or outdoor. There are multiple factors that influence the choice of a particular venue. These may be as follows.
  • Weather
  • Budget
  • Facilities available
  • Estimated number of guests
  • Age group of guests, etc.

So, pick a venue that takes all these into consideration, along with the pointers mentioned below to make it the perfect banquet for guests and hosts alike.
Once you've picked the venue for the banquet and know the number of guests that will be attending, it's time to make arrangements for the seating. Here, you have loads of options.
  • A conventional round table
  • Separated couples' seating if it's a 'couples only' banquet
  • A brightly colored seating area for kids at the event
  • Long 12-16 seaters for corporate events
  • Buffet banquet - no seating
Now that you've figured out the seating arrangement for your guests, let's see some ideas you can use to make the tables more attractive for them.
  • Use fresh seasonal flowers as table decorations.
  • Use seasonal fruit that can later be chopped up and served as dessert.
  • Have single lanterns adorning each table with tea light candles or tiny bulbs.
  • Use flower arrangements with candles within the arrangement or outside.
  • Display single pillar or tea light candles as centerpieces.
Now comes the biggie. First, let's get the menu-planning out of the way. Have food that is
  • Popular with a majority of your guests
  • In tandem with the theme of your banquet
  • Native, if it is an out-station banquet (or you have out-station guests)

Other Things to be Considered

▪ Make sure there is enough food for the guests. It's perfectly alright if there's food left over. But if you have less food at a banquet, it will be a matter of great embarrassment for you, and your banquet will be the talk of the town, for all the wrong reasons.
▪ To cut down on expenditure, plan your menu around seasonal varieties of produce.

▪ Along with specialties of the venue and location of the banquet, have a few universal favorites, just in case.
▪ Make sure the facilities for storage of food, before and after it is served, are top-notch (read, hygienic and safe).
▪ Another factor you need to give priority to is the heating and cooling of the food items according to their needs. If this is not up to the mark, you run the risk of your food going bad in the case of an unprecedented delay in eating.
▪ To minimize the risk of people consuming food items that they are allergic to, you can have cards labeling each of the items served, along with a list of ingredients. This will help people steer clear of food they should avoid.
▪ What is the service pattern going to be? If it is self-service, you can have the servers at the food stations explain the item they will be serving to every guest. This will add a personal touch and make the event more guest-friendly.
▪ Keep the weather of the venue at the time of the banquet in mind. According to the weather, you can plan the best ways to make sure your guests are comfortable during the banquet. This includes making facilities like heating or cooling of the venue available.
▪ Ensure there is proper provision for collection and disposal of dirty plates once all the guests are done eating and the event is at an end.
▪ Make sure that there is enough drinking water available for everyone attending the banquet, especially in summer. Also ensure that washrooms at the venue are close-by and fully functional.