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Baptism Centerpieces

Shashank Nakate Mar 5, 2020
The story presents few of the interesting ideas for baptism centerpieces. These ideas should help in creating attractive works of decorations. Here is some useful information on the topic.
The ritual of baptism, also known as christening is performed to give a person the right to Christian Church. In common usage, the term baptism is used in reference with a ceremony in which infants are christened. The event is celebrated with much fanfare and therefore, baptism centerpiece decorations are considered important.

Centerpieces for Baptism

There are many baptism centerpiece ideas that one can make use of to celebrate this event. Arrangements made with a decorative vase is one of the images that comes to our mind when we think of centerpieces. In order to make the centerpiece decorations relevant to baby dedication ceremony, one should try to incorporate related symbols.
In short, the centerpieces must appear meaningful. Cherub designs, crosses, angels and similar symbols have to be used for decorating the centerpieces. Arranging the decorations in layers tends to enhance their appearance.
To make the decorations surrounding centerpieces even more attractive, the table can be spread with cross-shaped confetti. Many such interesting ideas for centerpiece decorations are presented below.

Balloon Centerpieces

The centerpieces with balloons can be purchased at nearby party supply stores. Balloons are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The shapes of angels, crosses and other symbols including those having religious meaning associated with them are generally used.
Balloons with complementary colors should be put together for attractive baptism table centerpieces. One should make use of weights in order to hold balloons together in a vase. Using balloons is amongst the affordable options to choose from, for centerpiece decorations.

Paper Decorations

There are many types of decorations that one can prepare from paper. The symbols like crosses and related ones with religious meaning can be used as centerpieces.
Other pieces of decorative works used for such occasions include paper vases, flowers, etc. Even the cost-effective, cheap baptism centerpieces could offer a nice appearance to these artworks if they are decorated properly.

Photograph Decorations

A table with decorations and photographs of the baby should make for good centerpieces. A nice piece of decoration with images of the baby should offer these centerpieces a unique appearance. The frame used for photographs should have the baby's name and date of baptism.

Flower Centerpieces

One can think of using artificial as well as real flowers for centerpiece decorations. As far as possible, one should choose flowers with colors that match the surrounding decorations. Another idea regarding decoration of centerpieces is that of using flowers with colors that complement each other.

Candle Decorations

You can create attractive centerpieces with the smart use of candles. There are many different ways in which you could do this. For example, an arrangement with glass stones and candles of varying sizes look good. Surrounding the candles with floral arrangements and vice versa also is an idea to consider.

Religious Trinkets

The religious trinkets include items like crosses, angels, cherubs, etc. You may select from the items available at home. Ceramic and crystal items are most suited for such type of decorations. Such type of centerpieces not only look good, but also are affordable, just like the balloon decorations.

Edible Baptism Centerpieces

Refreshments are a necessary part of any ceremony or event. So why not incorporate edibles as the centerpieces for baptism. Cookies, cakes, desserts and other such edibles make for good centerpiece decorations. Let us find more about edible items that can be used for centerpiece decorations through information presented below.

Candy Jar Centerpieces

Inexpensive vases from craft stores can be purchased to store candies. Colors of candies can be selected on the basis of specific themes. Many such ideas can be used for decoration.


The hard candy and chocolate are two types of lollipops used for decoration. There are many different shapes that one can find in lollipops. Praying hands, crosses and shapes of other religious symbols can also be used as centerpieces.

Cake Centerpieces

Cakes are amongst the best choice for centerpieces. The use of cake stands make the decoration works even more attractive. One could therefore, think of turning the cakes into centerpieces for baptism decorations.
The centerpieces for boys have many different themes and sports is one of them. Decorations with a baseball theme should make the centerpieces appear attractive. One can think of making similar centerpieces at home or purchase them from the market. The centerpieces for girls mostly incorporate pink and white shades. Flowers chosen for the centerpieces should therefore, embody these colors.
The ideas for baptism centerpieces mentioned in this article should help create attractive pieces of decorations. Centerpiece decorations explained in the article include a variety of topics/subjects that might be helpful for readers.