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Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Dhanya Joy Feb 13, 2020
When you have a large group of friends, it becomes difficult to set up a party. Here, the buffet system of serving food comes in handy. Setting up a buffet is a hassle-free and convenient way to entertain a large crowd. The buffet table should look attractive and appealing to the guests, so along with the menu selection, it is equally important to decorate the table creatively.
Buffets can not only be set up for parties, but also for weddings, fundraisers, gallery openings, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners. To help you, here are some ideas for decorating buffet table that you can take inspiration from.

Handy Tips

▶ Choose round tables or long tables on which the food can be arranged comfortably.
▶ Instead of placing the table against the wall, place the table in the middle, away from the walls. This will help guests to serve themselves with ease.
▶ Arrangement of the food should be done in a systematic but attractive manner, starting with the appetizers and salads, followed by the entrée and side dishes, and finally desserts.
▶ Remember to keep your buffet table simple yet elegant for maximum impact.
Just placing different platters and bowls of food on the table will make the buffet look boring and utilitarian. To add visual interest to the dishes and to make it easy for people to serve themselves, some dishes should be placed at an elevated level. This can be done with the help of cake stands and pie stands.
You can also use any other household item like hat boxes, stacked books or inverted pots covered with linens for elevating the height. Just make sure that the stands you use are sturdy enough to bear the weight of the dishes.
Having a theme for your party can be useful for decorating your buffet table. You can have a particular theme like a roof top party, or a red and green color theme for the holidays.
If you are celebrating an occasion or event, you can decorate the buffet table as per the occasion. However, make sure that the buffet table does not appear cluttered with too many décor items.
While decorating the table, think like a stylist. Choose a table cloth of a particular color and use contrasting colored napkins.
For example, if you are having a New Year party you can use shades of blue with a combination of silver. You can also make use of ribbons, tassels, fringes and silk flowers to decorate the edges of the table cloth. If it's a Christmas party, then decorate the table with pine cones and Christmas ornaments.
Centerpieces are vital for enhancing the buffet table.
You can either opt for one big centerpiece or you can choose a few small centerpieces placed strategically around the table. It is not always necessary to choose traditional centerpieces which are arranged in vases. If your theme is a garden party, then you can opt for a centerpiece of a bunch of flowers arranged in a watering can or an urn.
Display food in an innovative way. Serve appetizers and amuse bouche in small spoons and shot glasses.
Serving food in white colored dishes makes the food look more appetizing. The colors of the food also pops against the white background making it stand out. Instead of going for standard round plates for serving bite sized finger food, opt for triangular or octagonal shaped plates.