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Ceramic Christmas Trees

Here's some useful information on various kinds of ceramic Christmas trees which will help you to select the right artificial tree this Christmas. Read on.
Aastha Dogra
Think Christmas and the first images that come to mind are those of Santa Claus and the proverbial Christmas tree. In earlier days, people used to make lots of efforts to get the Christmas tree to their house.
Unlike now, when people simply buy one from the market or online, people in olden days used to go outside and cut their own tree and get it back to the house! This tradition associated with Christmas is no longer followed, with many people preferring convenience over anything else.
Moreover, these days, a wide variety of artificial trees such as the ceramic ones, are available, which, if selected well, look as beautiful as real trees and cost very less and unlike real trees they can last for years.

Choosing Ceramic Christmas Trees

Sizes - Small, Medium and Large...

These trees come in various sizes. The medium-sized ones can be placed on tabletops or above your fireplace. The smaller ones, you can display on your Christmas tree as Christmas ornaments.
The large ones you can keep in one corner of the room and decorate it with various kinds of ornaments. The smaller artificial trees make for good gifts too so you can actually personalize them by writing on them the person's name they are meant for, before gifting it to them!

The Bare Ones...

There are some ceramic trees which you can actually paint yourself in whichever color you want. A good idea is to write your family history on such trees and keep it on display for everyone to see! The best places to buy bare trees are craft stores. You can actually have a lot of fun with the kids in your family if you set out decorating the tree with them!
To decorate them, there are lights made of plastic available online. These plastic lights come in various shapes such as stem, flower, duck, berries, star, etc. You can hang these lights as well as other Christmas ornaments on the trees to make them look awesome!

For the Art Lovers...

The tabletop or medium-sized Christmas trees that are available are mostly those which have been made in between 1940s and 1990s. So when buying such trees, be very careful and see to it that they are in good condition, otherwise you might be left with a piece which you would regret.
The vintage ceramic Christmas trees which belong to the 1940s and have been hand-painted by a good artiste can cost you a lot. So if you are someone who is an art lover and does not mind spending more than hundred dollars for a vintage tree, then these are the perfect decorations for you!

The Inexpensive Ones...

If you do not want to invest, go in for the lighted ceramic Christmas trees. You can get them for anywhere above six dollars per piece, with the cost varying depending upon the size. Some of these trees come with hollow glass jewels which have bulbs inside. As soon as the tree is activated the bulbs light up the whole place and make it look beautiful!
Although, they do not smell or look evergreen like real ones, the bonus is that you do not have to spend time in taking care of them. One last tip - once the Christmas vacations are over, wrap the tree properly before storing it so that you can enjoy their beauty in the next Christmas too!