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Inexpensive Anniversary Ideas for Him

Aastha Dogra Feb 29, 2020
If you are looking for some cheap and inexpensive anniversary ideas, you have reached the right place. Read this CelebrationJoy article to find out some unique anniversary ideas, which will cost you near to nothing, and yet allow you to earn that special place in your man's heart.
It is a wrong notion that, to celebrate one's wedding anniversary or to buy a gift for your special someone, you need to have loads of money. Believe me, if you really love a person, even a small gesture will be well appreciated.
If you are creative and loving enough, you are sure to come up with amazing, yet affordable anniversary gifts, and romantic, yet reasonable ways to spend your special day with your guy.
Given below are some ideas to help you come with inexpensive gifts and/or ways to spend your anniversary with your man.

Keep The Romance Alive

If you are looking for romantic yet inexpensive anniversary ideas, planning a romantic evening on your building's terrace, surely fits the bill. For starters, burn a CD of some good romantic songs.
On the day of your anniversary, carry a CD player, champagne and a soft, comfortable mat to sit upon to your terrace. Sit there with your partner hand in hand, gazing at the stars, sipping on the champagne and listening to the love numbers. I am sure this romantic gesture of yours will bowl him over.

Cook for Him

All women know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So, another interesting anniversary idea that's worth trying out, is to cook and have a romantic candle-light dinner with your man at your home itself. Make sure to include some, if not all of his favorite dishes in the menu. Decorate your dining place with scented candles, beautiful flowers, and cute little red hearts to set the ambiance. Most importantly, don't forget to look irresistible yourself !

Engrave Your Love

So, you are planning on gifting him something this anniversary but are worried that you do not have the budget for it? Well, here is an affordable romantic gift idea - you can gift him an engraved photo frame or an engraved pair of champagne glasses.
All you have to do is to purchase these inexpensive items and have both your names as well as the anniversary date engraved on them. You can enjoy drinking champagne in these glasses on every anniversary that you two celebrate together.
This can be one of the most romantic first anniversary gift ideas, as whenever you take out these glasses on your future anniversaries, you will be reminded how long you two have been together, and your love for each other will grow stronger.

Relive Your Memories

One of the most romantic first anniversary ideas is to go to go down memory lane, by revisiting all those places where you both went together on your first date. It can be a movie theater where you saw a film together, or a restaurant where you two dined as a couple for the first time, or the street corner where you kissed for the first time. Reliving your memories like this is a good way to keep alive the romantic spark between you two!

Make His Day

Simply make his day! How? By doing things that he likes. Buy tickets to a soccer game or any other sport that he enjoys, and watch it together with him on your anniversary. For once, just let him be! Drink beer with him and cheer for the team that he supports. Your change of heart towards beer and sports, even if it's for a day, will definitely win him!
Besides the ones mentioned above, you could try doing something creative for him, such as writing a love poem for him, or making homemade gifts for him such as a personalized T-shirt or a tool box. Whatever you plan to do for your man on your anniversary, do remember to give it a personal touch, so that it becomes as special and unique as your love for each other.