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Christian Christmas Party Games

Rujuta Borkar Nov 18, 2020
The guests are divided into teams and given a bucket filled with fully-blown balloons covered in shaving cream, a butter knife. They will start 'shaving' the balloons and get them clean, and transfer them into the bucket. The team that has the cleanest and most number of balloons, wins.
You probably already have a choir at your church. Then this one will be even more fun. Download a karaoke software and some hymns, Christmas songs and carols as well. Hold an original Christmas karaoke competition.
Get all the guests to sing something that is related to Christmas with the help of a karaoke set up. Choose random judges and get them to judge the people who sing. At the end of the eve, announce a winner.
Divide people into groups of three, one can be a Santa. Each team gets a bucket with balloons. When the whistle goes, one person starts blowing the balloons and tying them, then passes to the second person who is blindfolded. This person has to find the third person, Santa guy, and stuff the balloon in his belly.
The Santa cannot help the person. If the balloon falls while transferring, it cannot be used. The team who has the most balloons, in the Santa's tummy, within a given time, wins.
Stick a Post-it on the back or forehead of the kids before entering the party, which has the name of a character from the Bible on it.
As the game begins, each kid comes forward and he/she gets to ask 10 questions to guess who the person is and the group gets to answer only in a 'yes' or 'no'. Have each kid take their turn at this. The kid(s) that guess fastest, win.
Have the kids form a circle and move about in a circle at the beat of the music. When the music stops, the announcer has to say a number. The kids have to form a group of that number, whoever cannot form that group, is out. This goes on till only one group remains and they are declared the winner.
The perfect game for groups is a scavenger hunt game. Plant candy canes all over the house and then set the kids out to search for them. The kid with the most canes, wins.
These were some of the Christian Christmas party games for kids and adults that you can include in your party. These are nothing but fun and bring out the spirit of Christmas like no other. Just have them at your party and you'll see what we mean.