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Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Neha Joshi
Want your Christmas cards to stand out from the rest? Here are a few ideas to add that 'something special' to your cards.

Did You Know?

The world's first commercially produced Christmas cards were commissioned by Sir Henry Cole and illustrated by John Callcott Horsley. The first card was produced on the 1st of May 1843.
"Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas... perhaps... means a little bit more."
―Dr. Seuss
Holiday cards have a charm about them that cannot be replaced. Through them, you can reunite with family spread across the globe, say a few words of care, and shower the young with your blessings. Though sending these cards is part of the traditional celebration, today, you can make them funnier and less religious.
It's always a great idea to make these cards at home, a unique one for every family. Also, if you decide to make these at home, you have the freedom to make them just as you want, even include a photograph maybe. So, with the idea of making these photo cards at home, let's see how we can go about it.

For Couples

Just got married? Exchanged promise rings and want to introduce your special someone to the entire family? Use these ideas to do just that this Christmas. Everyone loves good news after all.
Special Places
Couples often have these 'special places'―the fireplace where they first kissed, the stairway on which they met in school, a park where they proposed, or simply a corner in the kitchen where they have coffee everyday. If you can't think of such a place, search for lost memories, and you are sure to find something.
Once you find the place, ask someone to photograph you and your better half there. Now, on a blank card, decorate the first page with a simple 'Merry Christmas' greeting, add a meaningful Christmas quote on the next page, and the photograph you clicked on the third.
On the fourth page, which will be the end of the card, write your personal message for the recipients, and include a note about your decision to have a photograph of your special place. Now, isn't this a Christmas card you'll treasure for life?
Capture the Love
Sometimes, it is all about the intimacy―one of the most special feelings in any relationship. If somehow, you can capture this feeling being shared by the both of you, it would make for a perfect photograph. There are many ways in which you can go about this.
Get yourself clicked in the middle of a waltz, with Christmas tree background; hold hands over a candle-lit dinner, with your stare fixed on each other; or, lie down among flowers in a garden. You can also photograph just your hands, holding his, and use digital photography to enhance the picture. Such a special photograph also deserves framing, doesn't it?

For Kids

Want to send out your newborn's first pictures? Want to show your family how fast your little one is growing up? With these ideas, remember, nothing is impossible.
In Their Element
The best way to click a photograph of kids is by clicking it impromptu―when they are in their element. Say they're playing with their favorite toy, eating a piece of cake rather messily, or laughing uncontrollably.
However, if you are looking for some ideas for babies, it's always great to photograph them with their mothers―they're more calm that way. To capture a festive moment, have them play around the Christmas tree, amidst gifts and decorations, and wait for the right moment. Thinking of framing this one too?
While They're Sleeping
Photographing a baby while he's asleep is one of the best ideas for a Christmas card―you'll get to picture an angel on your card. Place the baby in a decorative basket and keep this basket near the Christmas tree. Even better, make sure the entire room is dark and the light of the Christmas tree falls on the basket. It'll truly be a magical photograph.
A funny idea is to photograph your child while he's sleeping amidst a lot of blankets. Using a photo editing software, you can write something like 'Wake Me Up After The Holiday Season'. The latter idea will not only be funny, but also unique. This is one photograph that will definitely go in your child's baby book, won't it?

For The Entire Family

Want to send a traditional hello with the entire family on the card? Want all the family members to do something different for this year's holiday cards? We've got just the ideas for you!
Continuing Tradition
This is the most traditional idea, with our very own twist. Photograph your entire family in front of the Christmas tree or at the dinner table. Now, while you can keep the photograph to just that, we advise you go with the twist. Using a photo editing software yet again, make Christmas wreath halos on top of every family member.
This way, you don't only get the entire family in one photograph, but also something unique to go with it. Once you've sent it to close ones―family and friends―don't forget to upload it on your social profiles.
Want to send out an unconventional Christmas card this year? Ask the entire family to give quirky expressions and photograph these. After you're done, make a collage of all these expressions. Use the collage as a single photograph and include it in your card.
Comic Features
Also, don't leave your pets out. Make your dog wear a Christmas hat, ask your cat to play with a few decorations, and photograph them as well. Every single relative is going to keep this card as a memoir, don't you think?
For cards with a lighter theme, you can include a Christmas quote or part of a Christmas song. For the traditional ones, you can include a verse from the Bible. Use these Christmas card photo ideas and start making your cards as soon as you can, it's not very easy to capture an eternal moment after all ... is it?