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Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Puja Lalwani
Among the many Christmas traditions, that of decorating inside and outside a dwelling is one which is religiously followed. Here, some door decoration ideas are presented, which will have your home exterior stand out from the rest.
Amid the cold and the snow, Christmas is a festival that has the ability to generate a kind of warmth within you, that you can never experience otherwise. With all the festivities in the air, the decorations, the gifts, the preparations, you know that this is the time you can go all out, and celebrate with everything you have.
Among all the Christmas decorations, it is the door decorations that stand out, that show how much you love this time, how much you are willing to celebrate.
This doesn't mean your decorations have to be elaborate. It just means that simple or all out, your decorations are a symbol of the festive spirit in you and your family. To demonstrate this spirit, here are some door decorating ideas for Christmas to inspire you this holiday!

Christmas Door Decorations

When it comes to door decoration, you can really pick anything that you think speaks Christmas, and use it to decorate your door.

Christmas Tree

While a lot of people place one or two of these outside their doors, if you have a porch, you can create a beautiful scene around the tree, with reindeer, Santa Claus, and his sled, and a bag of gifts!

Christmas Lights

You can go about hanging lights in any manner that you please; around the doors and windows, or even on your porch railing to have your house lit up.
Go for bright and colorful lights. You can also create a light wreath instead of the traditional wreaths to give your door a twist.

Fake Snow

If you have a glass door, use fake snow decoration to decorate your door. Though fake, it gives the entire setting a very authentic feel. Of course, you will use this in combination with other decorations for your door.

Christmas Wreaths

The unique part here is that you can create wreaths from almost anything. They can be bright and vivid, or subtle yet striking. Make outdoor wreaths from card stock paper, ornaments, your dad's old ties, fresh flowers, candy cane, spices that generate a warm scent, muffins (all edible wreaths), and any other item that you can imagine.

3-Dimensional Decorations

For a door decorating contest, put together all the mentioned elements to make a gorgeous door. You could recreate Jesus' birth scene, make a 3-dimensional view on your door to give it an authentic feel, and use LED lights for an outstanding look. You can also make a 3-dimensional Christmas tree with paper and put it up on your door.

Christmas Stockings

Hang these stockings, which are made up of different materials, fabrics, and textures, on your door. These make a great element of door decoration, and add the right amount of color too.
As mentioned here, put together, these elements can create some of the best door decorations, and have them stand out among all others. Add other elements if you want to, such as ribbons, bows, wrapping paper, and any other item, to make your door a wonderful reflection of your festive spirit.