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Family Portrait Ideas for Christmas

Charlie S
Do you wish to know about some interesting Christmas family portrait ideas? If yes, then this post will help you in planning your celebrations well.
Christmas is the time to have fun with your entire family! You party, dance and have fun together and make the most of your holidays. Taking family portraits for Christmas and creating a very good album with them or using them as cards with a message on the back is certainly a very cool idea.
By implementing creative ideas for Christmas family pictures you can surely get brilliant photos which will serve as the perfect memory of the things done by you at the celebration.

Family Portrait Ideas for Christmas

Pose With the Christmas Tree

Among the various family portrait ideas for Christmas, posing with the Christmas tree for a group family photo is the best one.
Now, the tree can be made in advance and kept ready for the photo shoot. Make sure that it is well decorated and then ask everyone to stand around it. Click many photos and as far as possible, hire a professional photographer to get the task done.

All Members Sitting or Standing

Ask all family members to wear attractive clothes and create a stand for all of them to stand on. The short ones should stand in the front rows while the taller members will be occupying the back rows.
When the expression and posture is right, take many portraits and then check whether they are as per your expectations. This will be followed by photos in which all members would be sitting. Arrange chairs one after the other and click photos when all family members have settle down. Make sure that the decorations done in the room appear correctly.

Take Some Outdoor Photos

For an outdoor photo, your own garden, a hotel, a farmhouse could be the best locations.
The family portraits will be very stunning if you can complete the venue decoration work with great style. Make use of ribbons, balloons and other decorating material for this purpose. Outdoor photos will be great if there is greenery in the place.

Tips to Get Good Pictures


However interesting the ideas, the photos will be very good only if the expressions of the people in it are good.
You need to have a nice smile on your face as Christmas is a festival of joy. Be happy, calm and composed and this will really show when you see the family portraits yourself.


Proper clothing is very important as it makes you look glamorous. Instead of the formal, you can go with the casual clothes such as fashionable shirts and blue jeans.
What is most important that you should be totally comfortable with what you wear. The women can go with attractive long skirts or gowns. There are many designer clothes made specially for Christmas which you can try out if you have a higher budget.

Avoid Repetitive Poses

You need to avoid repetitive poses to get a variety in your portraits. So, in every photograph, you need to change the way of posing and the place. So, you need to have someone expert in portrait photography to click the wonderful portraits for you.

Professional Photographer

Photography is an art which cannot be learned overnight. So, there will always be a difference between the quality of photos taken by you and a professional photographer.
To get the best Christmas family portraits, it is best to seek the services of a very experienced photographer. Sure, you will have to pay more, but the result will be just fabulous.
We hope you are satisfied with the portrait ideas mentioned here for Christmas. So, have fun this Christmas and give some nice gifts to your loved ones. Merry Christmas!