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Christmas Games to Play at a Party

Sheetal Mandora
Are you hosting a Christmas party, and want the guests to mingle and break the ice? Read on to find exciting games that'll make your party a smashing success.
During Christmas, it's evident that many people host parties in their homes. Whether it's for adults, kids, or both, you need to have fun games for everyone. So if you are planning on hosting a party in the next two days, then we've got some awesome ideas.

Games for Kids

Caroling All Night

Many times, parents want their kids to play games that also have an element of religion in it. This way, the kids can learn more about Christmas and its history. There may be some carols that your kids love to sing.
What you have to do is start singing the carols, and leave out couple of lines from the middle. Let's see if they can figure out what those words or lines are. You can also divide the kids into groups so that they can all play together.

Guess Which Cartoon?

We all know this that keeping kids in one place while playing a game is next to impossible. However, there are few games that you can engage them in. One of these games is guessing what cartoon or cartoon character it is. Have them all sit in a circle or at the dining table.
Now, you will say, "I have 2 big ears", or "My name begins with the letter 'M'". The kids will have to ask you a series of questions so they can find out more about which cartoon or cartoon character you are talking about. This will keep them guessing, and also make them stay in one place.

Games for Adults

Get to Know Me

Have everyone sit in a circle except for 1 person. He/she will stand in the middle of the circle and once the game begins, he/she will point at one person. Whoever it is, he/she has to come up with one quirky, silly habit, hobby, like, or dislike.
It can be anything like, "I love to eat chocolate cake at 3 A.M.", "On Sundays, I take showers at 12 P.M.", or "I never match my socks". After pointing at 2-3 people, someone takes his/her place in the center and continues the game.

Adult Pictionary

Here's another excellent game for adults. A slight variation to the Pictionary game. The entire game rules are similar to the original game. Here, as people are divided into groups, if during the game, if a team cannot identify the image, they will have to take a shot of whiskey, tequila, vodka, or some other drink.
This way, you all can play and drink at the same time. Just make sure that people don't purposely lose so they have the shot.
More games played means tons of fun for your guests and yourself. So spend the night with these entertaining games for kids and adults. Until next time, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!