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Christmas Gift Ideas for Fiance

Rujuta Borkar
With Christmas just around the corner, shopping for Christmas gift ideas for fiance will be a top priority on your list. Read on for some ideas that you can use.
The white snow everywhere, the snowflakes falling on your head and your fiancé by your side. Merry Christmas to you! As you walk through the boulevard in that crisp winter air, hand in hand and matching step for step, you notice that the city prepares for Christmas yet again.
The smell of conifer in the air, people pulling Christmas trees into their cars and a general excitement all about. And? And you think you're forgetting something. But what? Then it suddenly comes to you - a Christmas gift hasn't been bought for the fiancé! Panic, panic, and racing thoughts...what to buy and what to gift him?!
Now you wish you had some gift ideas ready, correct? This. For avoiding exactly this moment you needed to have ready ideas for that Christmas gift. But if you haven't had those down pat yet, you needn't worry. Cause given here are some of the gift ideas that you can use for flooring the fiancé.

Christmas Gifts for Fiancé

Let's take the season into consideration here. It's Christmas, so these gifts can have that theme running or could be a mix of what you'd generally gift him. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that you can look into.

Hookah Set

Do you know what a hookah is? Have you seen the apparatus that is used for smoking in the Middle East countries or some Asian countries, even? It comes with a bottle that is filled with liquid inside and has a pipe attached to it.
So all you do is fill the bottle with a flavor that you like, light it up and start puffing away. There are several flavors that have come into the market like peach, cocoa, apple, mint etc. It's said that smoking a hookah is not as harmful as smoking nicotine, because the ingredients are all natural (but you'll have to consult a doctor for the final word).
So why not try something new this Christmas and gift him a hookah set? Beat the rush of the most popular Christmas gifts and buy him a something completely new instead.

Winter Set

It's winter and you can take complete advantage of that one. Get him a winter set. Think mufflers and gloves and woolen jackets and more.
You can give him the colors you like and maybe he refuses to try out. He just doesn't know what looks good on him. Or you could just give him what he likes and have a happy man by your side with this Christmas presents for boyfriend.

Comic Books

If he was an ardent comic books fan in his childhood and most part of his college life (hell, he still reads them!) So then what better gift than to get him a collection of his favorite comics? Imagine the boyish grin when he unwraps that gift.

Adventure Sports

Why not try an adventure sport together, the both of you? It's such a rush, we can't begin to tell you. Choose anything that you think you can handle with ease and go, go, go!

Books and Chair

If he's into books, then this is one of the best gifts for him. You could either get him something that you know he's dying to read or you could get him a gift certificate from a book store so that he can choose something on his own. But here's how you make it insanely more interesting.
If your pocket agrees, buy him a comfort chair - the kind that you bury into and can curl up with a book...then join him in there.


Gadgets and men. We haven't ever understood the connect, but it exists. Get him one of the fancy high-end phones or planners or tablets. Take the help of a guy friend about what to get him. After all, you don't want to go wrong with this popular gift.

Sexy Lingerie

Who says only he has to get the visual pleasure of you strutting your stuff? You can totally do that for yourself. Get him some sexy lingerie. Shorty short shorts, your name etched on the bottom, a naughty message drawn in, a glow in the dark limerick...anything that will make it fun for you really and heat the bedroom. Girls, we really want to have fun.
Guys, get ready to have an absolute treat this Christmas. Aren't we right, ladies? Enjoy your Christmas then and don't forget to return the favor.