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Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Aastha Dogra
Christmas gifts for teens should be fun and unique, so that they make them feel happy and special. If you are facing difficulty finding such gifts, here are some Christmas gift ideas for teens, which is sure to help you out. Have a look...
Christmas is one time when the entire family gets together and celebrates. That's why, Christmas vacations are always looked forward to, by the elders and children alike! If during this time, well thought of and meaningful gifts are exchanged, they make the occasion even more special for everybody.
When it comes to choosing gifts for Christmas, elders often get confused especially if they have to buy one for the teens. Teenagers these days have their own liking and disliking so the gift should be chosen keeping those in mind. Nevertheless, suggested here are some Christmas gift ideas, which are sure to be liked by most of them.

Electronic Gadgets

If you are looking for gifts for teenager boys, give them a latest electronic gadget such as an iPod or a MP3 player. Teens these days love to acquire gadgets with new technologies so this gift will be well-received!

Designer Clothes

One of the best gifts for teenage girls is to give them a designer outfit. As girls have their own choice when it comes to the way they dress up, so, preferably, take her along and let her choose her own clothes!


Now that's what is an ideal gift for a teenager. It's fun, stylish and it's something that most would love to wear. Monsterhoodies...yes, they are your regular cloth/fleece jackets with hoods, the major difference being that the hoods come with eyes, wings or any such feature which reminds one of a monster!
Any teen would love to wear these monsterhodies as they will make them stand apart from others, this holiday season!

Religious Gifts

This Christmas, you can give something of religious significance to the teens. Personalized rosaries, necklaces with the "cross" or "guardian angel" as a pendant or a bracelet with religious "lucky charms" - there are a number of options in this category.

Fish Bowl

Give them a glass fish bowl which can be mounted on a wall in their room. If you search online, you will find numerous varieties of these fish bowls which come with a goldfish, colorful pebbles and small plants.
These wall mounted fish bowls will cost you anywhere between twenty to thirty dollars each. So, if your teen has been asking for a pet for a long time, this good Christmas present is the answer!


Give them some unique accessories. If you search online, you will get plenty of options for accessories for both boys and gals.
Socks and stockings in some unusual colors such as yellow and fluorescent green, sterling silver lucky charm necklaces, personalized luggage tags, personalized bracelets, stylish caps, stud earrings and shopping bags are some of the options you can look into.

Personalized T-shirt and Cap

T-shirts are always a hit with the teens. So, get a beautiful red t-shirt (it's Christmas!) and get it customized by getting their name imprinted on the same. To make it fun, match it with a personalized Santa cap!

Christmas Cake, Cookies and Cards

For those of you looking for homemade Christmas gifts for teenagers, a good idea is to bake some delicious cookies and cakes, place them in a gift basket and present it to them!
Along with the gift basket, give them a card made by you, wishing them good luck for the year ahead!

Beanbags and Alarm Clocks

Room decor items such as beanbags and alarm clocks make for good gifts for teens. They can watch TV, read books, listen to music and simply laze around on comfortable beanbags. A stylish alarm clock, besides looking good, will help them manage their time better!

Sightseeing, Tours and Trips

Christmas is a great time to send the teens to experience something new. So, you can plan a vineyard tour for them or you can arrange for a stay for them in a heritage hotel.
A trip to a hill station for skiing or a simple visit to watch opera/play at some well-known theater - these are some of the other options that you have as gifts for teens.

Personalized Mugs and Notebooks

Teenagers love to keep and use stuff which has their imprint on it. If you check online, you will find some cute looking coffee mugs, notebooks and Christmas cards which can be personalized and send right at your door step, all you have to do is place an order! So, make an assortment of all such stuff and give it to the teen as a Christmas gift!
Calendars, some funky puzzles, books, cell phone or laptop case, a poster for the bedroom, photo frame, a showpiece for their room, bed sheets and towels (for the older teens who are planning to live on their own) - you can go for any of these too! Take your pick, keeping in mind the one they are meant for.
However, if you are still not sure what to gift, you can consider giving gift vouchers for a music store or clothes stores or of the eatery they hang out with their friends. When it comes to teens, the more freedom of choice you give them, the more they will love you!