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Christmas Party Activities

Indrajit Deshmukh
Christmas party activities, if planned correctly, will allow your guests to have an unforgettable time and revel in the festivities with a wide smile on their faces.
This festive season, organize a fun time for your friends and family by having Christmas party activities that will have them in splits and asking for more. Also, keep your camera rolling to capture some embarrassing and funny moments.
Plan an evening with some games that brings cheer to every guest. After all, it is the season to spread cheer, so get the good times rolling.

Christmas Karaoke

Arrange a karaoke of Christmas songs and other songs that your guests would like to sing along to. To make things more interesting and to infuse some competition in the crowd, announce a grand prize for the winner.
Announce that the winner will be decided according to the Clap-O-Meter, meaning the one who receives the loudest applause wins. If you want to increase the difficulty level ask the participants to down a shot of whiskey before they start singing. If a guest who doesn't drink, you can ask him/her to balance a book on their head when they are singing.

Cookie Stacking

Kids love cookies and to increase their interest levels, devise a game which involves the use of cookies.
One such game is the cookie stacking competition, wherein kids will have to stack cookies one on top of the other.
If you want to keep it simple, announce that the one who stacks the most cookies wins. You can also keep a time limitation if you want, so, the kids have 2 or 3 minutes to stack up as many cookies as they can.

Blindfold Guess

A very nice game to have for your Christmas party is the blindfolded guessing game, and it is quite simple to create. Keep presents gift wrapped on a table, divide your guests in two groups 'A' and 'B'. Now hold up a present and ask a member from group 'A' to guess what is inside the box.
Give him clues regarding the gift, for example you can hint if it's an electronic item or something else. The host can also decide how many chances a participant gets, to guess the item in the box correctly. A team with most number of present wins and you can have a grand prize for the winning team.

Decorate the Snowman

Get two sets of decoration and arrange each set in one box for this activity. Separate your guests in two groups and give each group one box to decorate their snowman.
If you live in an area where it snows, add a couple of shovels to the decoration box and ask each team to make their own snowman. If there is no snow in your area you can probably get a stuffed snowman from the mall for the competition.
Thinking of activities is not that difficult, but if you still can't pick a game for your party, switch on the TV and flip to a game show channel to get ideas. You could probably have your own game like 'The Moment of Truth' and ask your guests some funny questions.