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Amazing Christmas Party Favors

Neha Joshi Dec 18, 2020
Here, you'll find some of the best Christmas party favors, and the most unique too. You can even make some of them at home.
It's Christmas time! Time for parties, dinners, and gifts. Speaking of parties, after food, favors are looked forward to the most. If you're hosting a party, you must make sure then, that these favors are the very best. Here, we tell you some of the best party favors you can give away this year.

For Kids

Chocolate and Cookie Stockings

Buy stockings from flea markets or stores and decorate them with holly or mistletoe. After that, add stuff in them―chocolates, cookies, etc.
Things appreciated by most children. Christmas cookies are a hit at any Christmas party, and giving them away as favors is even better.

Jingle Bells for Key Chains

During Christmas, you get jingle bells in almost every store and market possible. Pick up some of these. Now, make rings out of red or green threads or wool. Attach these jingle bells to the rings. Simple. Your key chain is ready.
To make them more interesting, you can attach some more decorations.


Making festive bookmarks for favors is great idea. Paint bookmarks differently and decorate each one in a completely unique way. Small pieces of cardboard, decorative paper, crayons, colors, and some designs―that's all you need.

For Adults

Candle Stands with Festive Candles

If you don't wish to spend on festive candles, you can buy simple, inexpensive ones and decorate them with beautiful festive decorations of mistletoe and holly. Then you can buy simple candle stands and decorate them too. How much you spend will depend on how much effort you want to put in.

Festive Toiletries

Though these are a bit on the expensive side, they certainly are appreciated and loved. You can actually give small gift baskets of loofahs, body washes, and soaps available in festive themes. Decorate the basket with Christmas crafts and make it special.


We don't have the access to everyone's wardrobe and it might get a little difficult to choose a particular shirt or accessory for someone. However, there are certain accessories where you don't need to think at all. For example, it's winter and you can gift mufflers in normal colors―black, red, white, etc.
Christmas favors are not that difficult to find. Try to give something that has good utility, rather than giving something that will not be used or looked at after the first few days.