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Christmas Party Food

Sujata Iyer
The food at a Christmas party has to be delectable to taste and perfect to look at. Further, you'll get ideas for a perfect meal that you can make at Christmas.
A party is only as good as its food. No one can deny that. If you go to a party, have a lot of fun dancing and catching up with friends, but the food is not up to the mark, then all you'll take back from that party is the proverbial and (in this case) quite literal 'bad taste in the mouth'.
And since Christmas is right around the corner, and the pressure of throwing the perfect party is on your shoulders this year, you'll need to fix up a remarkable menu. When people think about making food for a party, most of them sigh in exhaustion even before they begin the actual process of cooking.
We're here to dismiss all the tension that creeps into you when the mention of party food is made. Given here are some really easy ideas and some a little more challenging. Rest assured that the final result will definitely be a party full of well-fed guests with happy tummies.


Garlic Bread

You may think it too casual, but garlic bread when made properly can be a delicious way to begin a meal.
You can either mix the garlic while preparing the dough for the bread or if you're going to be using fresh bread (recommended), then all you have to do is whip up a delicious garlic sauce by crushing fresh garlic and adding some grated cheese to it.
Heat this mixture a little so that its consistency is slightly thinner than a paste. Spread this on the bread and heat it in the toaster till the cheese begins to melt into the bread.

Chicken on a Stick

This one's a slightly more time-consuming but utterly delectable appetizer. Get fresh boneless chicken and cut it into small cubes. Prepare a marinade using ginger, garlic, tomato puree, grated onions, black pepper, chilly powder, and salt to taste. Marinate the chicken cubes in this sauce for at least four hours before the party.
When it's time to eat, you can either shallow-fry the chicken or grill the cubes till they are tender from inside. After they are ready, poke a skewer through each cube, followed by a leaf of fresh coriander, cilantro or mint and serve it with mayonnaise or cheese dip.

Main Course

Creamy Chicken

This is one of those easy foods that taste like heaven. Easy to make and delicious to eat. All you need is some boneless chicken, some ready-made cream of chicken, cheese, cornflour, milk, oil, and oregano.
Put the chicken into a vessel with some oil and empty the cream of chicken on it. Add water and let the mixture come to a boil. Make a cheese sauce separately using the cheese, cornflour, and milk. Mix the cheese and milk and add the cornflour until a thick gravy-type consistency is achieved.
Pour this sauce on the chicken and let the chicken become tender. Once it begins to boil, you can turn the flame to a simmer. Serve this with bread or pour it on steamed rice, garnished with oregano and cilantro.

Vegetable Rice Surprise

For this, you'll need veggies of your choice, chillies, garlic and ginger paste, onions, rice, oil, chilly powder, curry powder (of your choice), and tomato puree. Here's what you do. In warm oil, sauté the ginger-garlic paste with the onions and chillies.
Then add the other ingredients to the oil and cook till the onions turn brown. Meanwhile, wash the rice clean. Then you have two options. Either add water to the mixture and make it into a stew to be served with rice or you can add the rice to the mixture, mix it thoroughly, wait for the rice to cook completely, and serve it as a pulav.


Cupcake and Ice-Cream

Bake some regular cupcakes. Just before serving the dessert, add a dollop of ice cream on the top of the warm cupcake and sprinkle it with cut dry fruits or chocolate chips. Yummy, right?

Cookie Delight

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies. But this time, serve them with a little more flourish. Crush the cookies into a caramel custard and add a spoon of ice cream and a cherry on top to the mixture before serving.
Apart from these ideas, you can come up with various other ideas and plan out the meal accordingly using the recipes mentioned here. So have a wonderful party. Merry Christmas!