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Christmas Party Games for Adults

Indrajit Deshmukh
Some fun Christmas party games that are meant for adults can really liven up the atmosphere and get everyone involved in the festive spirit. Take your pick...
During the festive season, indulging in some fun games will make your party more enjoyable and memorable. Organizing games is a simple task; all you need to do is apply your imagination and use things that can be easily found around the house.
A little planning is necessary to arrange an evening of wholesome fun. Count the number of people you have invited, and set up games so that everyone can participate and have a great time. Some people come in with lot of inhibitions, so, open a bottle or two of wine, before you start any game.

Some Fun Games

Drunken Chairs

This is the adult version of musical chairs. Arrange chairs according to the number of participants and keep an empty glass under each chair. Now, play some Christmas carols loud and have your guests scrambling around the chairs. Remember to keep one chair less than the number of participants. Stop the music suddenly.
The ones who get a chair to sit on also get a shot of whiskey or wine, whichever they prefer. The person without a chair is out of the game. For the next round, eliminate one chair from the arrangement. Continue this game till you are left with only one chair and keep a prize for the winner.

Blindfold Navigation

Divide the guests into two groups, and announce a prize for the winning team. This will make this game more competitive. All you need is a piece of cloth for a blindfold, furniture for creating obstacles, and a few gifts.
Have a table with few wrapped gifts on the top. Also, arrange the furniture like an obstacle course around the table with the gifts. Now, blindfold one person from each team, and turn him/her around a couple of times, so that he loses his sense of direction. This person has to navigate himself to the table with the gifts, without touching the furniture.
Team members can shout directions to help their member, and opposing team members can misdirect the person. The team with the most gifts wins.

Present Hunt

This is treasure hunt game with a Christmas twist. Hide a present in the house or around the property for the guests to find. To make the game interesting and funny, divide the guests into teams of two or four, and give clues to teams to find the treasure. Have a series of clues, one leading to the other, ultimately leading to the treasure.
You could also ask the participants to play a Christmas trivia game. If they answer trivia correctly, they get the next clue which leads to the treasure. To make it more fun, have the team find a gift-wrapped present and be jubilant, only to find out that at the bottom there is a note saying 'Open the box to find the next clue for the treasure'.

Funny Business

You will need a Christmas hat, paper chits, pencils, and guests willing to make a fool out of themselves for gifts. Pass one paper chit to all participants, and ask them to write one funny thing that they would like one of the guests to perform.
After everyone has finished writing, collect the chits and put them into the hat. Now, put the hat on a table, next to a wine bottle and an empty glass. Invite each guest to the table, ask them to have a drink, and then pick a chit to perform the funny task.
You could have silly stuff written on the chits, like 'stand on one foot', 'left hand behind the back', and 'beg from the audience till you get a dollar'. This game can also be made more fun by asking a group of people to perform a task together. For example, let one chit say, 'behave like monkeys in a zoo'.
Party games can really lighten up the place and make your Christmas party legendary. You could also try some games like dressing up the snowman and playing charades.