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Christmas Party Games for Kids

Indrajit Deshmukh
Organize some fun Christmas party games for kids this festive season. Getting them involved and watching them have fun will lift your spirits, too.
Kids are inquisitive, have a thirst for knowledge, and have limitless energy. Playing games is an excellent solution to make your Christmas party fun for every kid who attends it. Here are some enjoyable Christmas games that you can try out.

Passing the Parcel

The first thing to do is hide some presents all over the house, so that they are a little difficult to find. Take a Christmas hat and put chits with clues that point out to the presents' location. Now, get the kids to sit in a circle and ask them to pass the hat around till the music stops.
The kid holding the hat when the music stops gets to pick a chit and look for the present by following its mentioned clues. After the first kid finds the present, have the others pass the hat around again till all the kids find their hidden presents.

Points to Glory

You could put together a Christmas quiz; for each right answer that a kid gets, he scores five points. The first to reach 20 points will get a present. Another way to play this game is tell the kids to enact silly things in order to win points.
Ask them to do something funny like hold their nose and sing a song, or mimic their favorite cartoon character. You could have a panel of judges and award prizes to those who come in the third, second, and first positions. In the end you could give prizes to the other kids for participating.

Tree Decorations

Buy a few small Christmas trees from the market, fake ones will also do. Now, divide the kids into different groups and give each one a basketful of decorations to decorate the tree.
If the kids are old enough to go out shopping on their own, you can elect a group leader and give each group some money to buy decorations. The group that manages to get the best decorations within the budget, wins the competition.

Cookie-Eating Competition

Kids love cookies, and they would gladly participate in a game that involves eating some. Have the participants line up in front of a table with a plate each of cookies and a glass of water or milk.
To keep things simple and safe just keep three cookies on each plate and have a judge with a stop watch. Whoever is able to gulp down the three cookies the fastest, should be declared the winner.
Set safety rules like stuffing all the cookies in their mouths at the same time, will lead to disqualification. Also, make sure that an adult who knows the Heimlich maneuver is present in case of an emergency.