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Christmas Party Games for Large Groups

Shashank Nakate Nov 23, 2020
Here is a list of Christmas party games for large groups. All the games described here are interactive and therefore, enjoyable.
The festive season of Christmas brings positivity in our lives and the environment becomes charged up. The party games and ideas for Christmas add to the fun and frolic in this environment.
One can think about enjoying the Christmas season with lots of activities and games. If one has to plan some activities/games for a large group during Christmas parties, following suggestions should prove to be useful.

Christmas Games for Large Groups

The activities mentioned here include some interesting Christmas party games. These activities can be used for elders' Christmas parties, as well as, in kids' parties.
An important thing about the games meant for large groups is that they have to be interactive and allow as many people to participate as possible. Let us have a look at few such party games through following paragraphs.

Passing Game

The passing game is quite popular and commonly used in Christmas parties. A Christmas parcel should be used for this game. It can be gifted to the winner of this game. Participants have to sit in a circle and pass the parcel while the music is being played.
To make the game suited for the occasion, one may think of playing Christmas carols instead of the regular tracks. The player caught with the parcel when the music stops, should be asked a Christmas trivia question. If the player answers incorrectly, then the game should continue as usual without that player.

Making Santa Costume

A game or competition for creating the Santa costume should prove to be an enjoyable activity for Christmas. Such an activity is suited for large groups, since it can be divided into number of teams.
Each group needs to have enough members for creating a Santa costume. A set of necessary materials should be allotted to each team. It can be made interesting by keeping the participants from using scissors. Awards like the best Santa Cap and similar others can be given to participants. This game can be played in any given setting such as home, office, etc.

Christmas Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt though is a commonly played game, it could prove to be enjoyable and fun for large groups. Both children and adults enjoy playing this interesting and fun-filled game. To play Christmas treasure hunt, one should make a list of items that are available at home. These items could be anything from pen, pencils, toys, caps, etc.
As far as possible, one should try to choose the items or articles associated with Christmas. It is necessary to choose around 20 items for the treasure hunt game; participants should be divided in two groups. In this Christmas game, the group which finds out most number of items in lesser time, is declared winner.

The Christmas Chain

This game is meant for large groups. In fact, with greater number of players, the game becomes even more enjoyable. The participants should be divided in two groups and made to sit in a linear fashion. 
First player in the line should write a sentence (not too short), preferably the one which is related to Christmas. This sentence should then be propagated from the first team member to the last one by memorizing it (and not showing them what is written on the paper). The last person should be asked to stand up and say the sentence aloud.
One would be amazed to discover that the sentence takes a form that is far different from the original one; most of the words being communicated, in the process get altered. This is a fun activity with no single winner or loser.

Forbidden Word

This is an interesting Christmas party game for large groups. The basic idea in this game is to trick other players in saying a forbidden word; the word could be anything.
The players have to be careful as to not speaking that word till the end of the game. The player who tricks other players into saying the forbidden should be awarded points. By the end of the game, player with maximum number of points should be declared winner.
The different Christmas party games for large groups presented here should add to the fun in the festive season and make it enjoyable. The games described here, require all team members to participate actively. Involving as many participants in it should make it more enjoyable.