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Christmas Party Ice Breakers

Rujuta Borkar
A Christmas party is no fun if you don't really know all the people there, and for that, you'll be in need of some Christmas party ice breakers, correct? Here we have provided you the same.
Christmas parties could always do with an ice breaker session, even though the people there know each other relatively well. Icebreaker activities not only bring in a lot of fun, but also help in making the people at the party more comfortable with each other, and thereby lend to the overall fun.
Here, we will look at some Christmas party ice breakers and help you plan the evening well. Continue reading for more ideas on Christmas party ice breakers.

Christmas Party Ice Breaker Games

Here are some fun Christmas party ice breaker games that will work out really well at the party. Try some of these to get the talks flowing, the tongues rolling, the laughter getting louder and the groups getting more comfortable with each other.

Noise Pollution

Pair two people at random and then ask one of them to pick out a distinct sound of an animal and machine. Then mix the group (thus separating the pairs) and blindfold them. Set them out in a room and ask them to make the sounds that they've chosen.
The task is that the person has to find his partner only with the help of the sounds that are made. This game needs a referee because it can get a little difficult with the blindfold. Make sure that the teams are asked to keep their hands out at all times so that they don't bump and hurt each other. The first duo that finds each other wins this party game.

Changed Appearance

Pair a duo together and ask them to stand facing each other. Tell them to observe each other for 30 seconds and take in all the details. After the 30 seconds, they have to stand with their backs to their partner and change something about their appearance - like remove a ear piece or change the parting in their hair, or tie their scarf in a different way.
After 30 seconds have passed, they need to turn back and their partner has to identify the change. They are given a minute to do this and the person who guesses the correct pointer in the least amount of time, wins.

Build A Fort

Pair two random people together, and make several teams like thus. Hand over a stack of plastic or other light-weight cups to them. They have to arrange the cups against a wall, starting with 7 cups in the bottom row and moving up to 6, 5, 4 in the consecutive lines and one cup right on top.
They have to arrange as many cups as they possibly can in the span of one minute. A whistle will be heard at the end of the minute and they have to stop. The team that manages to take the fort the highest, wins. This is a fun-filled game, full of tension and excitement.


Nothing like a game of charades to get the party moving. The deal is that once you get into the team spirit and pitch one team against the other, there really is no need to have an exclusive ice breaker game as people will automatically get to know each other.
Everyone knows how to play a game of charades, right? Make it more interesting by adding movies that are really tough. Or change the rules and include songs as well. It makes for an interesting and unexpected change.

Ice Breaker Questions

If you want to go with the tried and tested formula of Christmas party icebreaker questions, then here are some questions that you can use. These will instantly help people get to know the others there. It always works with these questions:
♦ What is your favorite line from a film?
♦ If you walked in your sleep, where would you go?
♦ What do you do first thing in the morning?
♦ Have you ever been stranded in the rain?
♦ 3 words to describe the most perfect kiss you've had.
♦ What would you change about your appearance?
♦ Who is the last person you would want to see before you die?
♦ Would you ever make the first move in a relationship?
♦ What turns you on in the opposite sex?
♦ Which actor is over-hyped?
♦ Which song reminds you of an ex and why?
♦ What is your most favorite purchase?
♦ What is a weird habit that you have?
♦ What is the most unusual thing in your wallet right at this moment?
These were some of the ice breakers that you can include at your party and make the party much more interesting. Give these ice breaker games a try and you'll see that the party turns out to be a real fun.