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Christmas Party Themes

Sujata Iyer Nov 24, 2020
Do away with boring old Christmas party themes. This year, try something new and refreshing. Read this for some ideas.
If you've planned to host the Christmas party at your home this year, then you need to do something different. Sure the traditional green and red color themed party idea is alright, but let's face it, it is a little predictable (don't look shocked). So this year, how about experimenting a little with the themes? Read ahead for some ideas on the same.
This one's bound to be really fun. You'll need to decorate your home to resemble what could be Santa Claus' home at the North Pole. Use your imagination and dress up your house.
Santa's Home
You and your partner can dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
When you're sending out invites, include a note telling the invitee what he or she needs to come dressed as. Elves, reindeer, snowmen, gifts, etc. So many different things that people can dress up and come as!

Movie Party

This one is a good idea for kids and adults. Invite all your friends over and keep a stack of Christmas movies at the ready. All of you can change into your pajamas, snuggle up into blankets and quilts, and while away the entire day watching some awesome movies.
Have a delicious lunch, sip some hot chocolate, take a short nap and continue watching the movies. Take a lot of Polaroid shots of the entire gang, and as a party favor, give everyone an individual picture of theirs with a Christmas message written below!

Snow Flake Party

If you opt for this party theme, you will have to go all out on the decorations. The entire house or at least the party area should resemble a snow covered area. Snow spray the tree and put up decorations and ornaments everywhere.
White, silver and gold are the best colors to use for this party theme. White snow, silver and gold stars and angels. White frosted light bulbs and garlands of tiny light bulbs in white. Very simple and very elegant decorations will make this theme a success. Ask your guests to dress up in the same shades as your party decorations.

Ridiculous Gift Exchange Party

This is a fun and unusual theme that you can try. What you can do is, decorate the house in traditional Christmas style. Plan out the usual Christmas games at the party too.
But while sending out the invites, write down a message saying that each invitee must bring along a ridiculous gift to the party, neatly wrapped and with their name on it. A funny gag gift that will make the receiver laugh. Place all the gifts under the tree, as and when the guests arrive and have a good time.
When it's time to wrap up, bring a bowl with each person's name in a chit. Ask each person to pick out a chit and they must go and pick up the gift which has been brought by the person in their chit. It will be a funny experiment and you will all enjoy it!

Decorate the Tree Party

This is theme for an office. You can ask put up a notice or send out a memo asking everyone to assemble at a particular place at a particular time for the party. Have some nice trees brought in and keep a bunch of ornaments ready too.
Have everyone form groups and decorate the Christmas tree as they wish. After they're done, have delicious lunch and drinks and wish each other a happy holiday!
You can come up with more fun and creative Christmas party themes. When you do, feel free to share them with us and everyone else! Have a wonderful party!