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Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Sheetal Mandora
Are you searching for adventurous Christmas scavenger hunt riddles? Whether it's for kids or adults, these riddles will keep the game going strong...
Looking for scavenger hunt riddles? Think it's too tough? Think again. While making riddles, there are few things you should keep in mind. You need to keep the players confused (only for a little while), add a bit of mystery, and mix it all up with tons of fun and adventure.
Playing this game is only fun when the riddles are challenging and exciting. And if you are planning on hosting a Christmas scavenger hunt, then you're going to need some clues to along with it. So, have you written all the clues and riddles yet? If not, then we can be of some help. We've got some excellent riddles for you to work with.

Riddles for the Hunt

You can prepare the riddles by using rhymes, letters, drawings, alphabets, words, etc. When it comes to coming up with various ideas, the sky's the limit. So let's go over some of these Christmas riddles which can be used for kids of all ages.

Riddle #1

For the first riddle, we're going to take a little bit of help from a famous Christmas carol. Here's how you need to place the clue in.
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Where you'll find the next fun clue
Search in backyard quick.
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, it is close to the swing
Just few steps on the way.
Once the clue is read, the players will begin to head towards where it is indicating. So going near the swings is the first clue. Also, the carol also mentions something about finding the clue few steps from there. So let's see if the players can figure this one out.

Riddle #2

This next riddle is a puzzle, sort of. Depending on where you wish to keep your clue, you will jumble up the clue. Here's how... (the clue is - Cookie Cabinet)

Riddle #3

Next we'll make a riddle that requires filling in the blanks. Here, we will take help from all 9 of Santa Claus's reindeer. With this riddle, we'll find out if the players know the reindeer names. Do you know the names?
  • D __ S H __ R
  • D __ N __ E R
  • __ R A __ C E _
  • ____ I __ E ___
  • C __ M E __
  • C _ P _ D
  • B __ I __ Z E __
  • __ O N __ E __
  • R __ D __ L __
Actually, to come to think of it, this riddle doesn't really direct you to the next clue. This riddle is here so that the players get confused in trying to find what these blanks mean. What the trick here is that the players need to search for a picture, ornament, or a decoration that has Santa Claus with his reindeer. Cool, isn't it?

Riddle #4

For a great clue, why not use numbers and alphabets to get the clues flowing. This way, they can do a little revision as well.
A - 1 B - 2
C - 3 D - 4
E - 5 F - 6
G - 7 H - 8
I - 9 J - 10
K - 11 L - 12
M - 13 N - 14
O - 15 P - 16
Q - 17 R - 18
S - 19 T - 20
U - 21 V - 22
W - 23 X - 24
Y - 25 Z - 26
Now, you will make two tables with the numbers. Here, matching the numbers with the correct alphabets, the kids can get the next clue. You can either print or draw both the tables on the piece of paper. When the kids write down the alphabets in the space given in the second table, they will find out where they need to look.

Riddle #5

We have come to our last idea for adults and kids. What you need to do is draw or print the following clue on a piece of paper. This is an easy one and can be solved by almost all the players. You need to write on the paper -
T__E N__X__ R__I__D__E W__LL T__K__ Y__U CL__SE T__ T__E F__NA__ C__UE T__AT H__S T__E PR__Z__ N__AR T__E C__RI__T__AS __R__E !!!

Riddle #6

The last clue can be an easy one. Have everyone write down at least 5 of their favorite Christmas movies and give them the last clue as to where the final prizes are.
There you have it guys! Weren't these some fun riddles? Try them out when you're planning your Christmas game. Have a blast this holiday and be safe. Merry Christmas!