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Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Madhura Pandit
Are you looking for a unique pattern to make a Christmas tree skirt at home? Here are some ideas and patterns that will be helpful to you.
Christmas is coming soon and it is high time you should buy decorations or start making your own at home. Similar to all other decorations, the Christmas tree skirt also has its own special place and importance. These days, several skirt patterns are easily available in the market. However, if you want to show your creativity, you can try to make it at home.
Tree skirts are made using a variety of material like velvet, fleece, taffeta, burlap, calico, etc. Hence, you have a greater choice in color as well as texture of the material used. The choice of material used depends on the budget.
One of the most important thing to be noted before choosing a tree skirt is that it should match the other Christmas decorations. Secondly, although the skirt needs be attractive in itself, it is not the center of all attention. That means, the skirt should not take away the attention from the Christmas tree.

Making Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt

In order to make this skirt, you can make use of any fabric of your choice. As a tip, it is recommended to go for a fabric with Christmas colors like green, red, white, etc., or with a fabric having pictures related to Christmas.
♦ Make a template of a triangle with all sides equal and all angles with 60 degrees (equilateral triangle) on a cardboard.
♦ Place it on two pieces of fabric, which should be placed with their right sides together.
♦ Cut the triangle. Now, you will have 3 triangles together.
♦ Next, you should keep the right sides together and sew every single triangle.
♦ When all the triangles are sewn, you should fold all the fabrics to form a single triangle.
♦ At this point, you need to cut a hole at the top of the triangle and then open it again.
♦ Open the fabric completely and place it over another cloth which will serve as the back piece
♦ Trace the upper fabric on the lower one, and cut the lower fabric accordingly. Now, sew the edges of the upper and lower fabric together.
♦ You can decorate the skirt with any embellishments of your choice!
Rickrack, gingerbread toys, ribbons, laces, etc. can be used for decorating the tree skirt. Remember to take exact measurements of the tree so that you find a properly fitting skirt before sewing or buying a Christmas tree skirt . In that case, you do not need to fold the tree skirt (for being extra long) neither fret (for it being too small).
A crochet Christmas tree skirt pattern is a lot complex and is not meant for amateurs or first-timers. The pattern mentioned here is easy to follow and make. Once you master the basic pattern, it will be easier for you to try the complex ones.
Lastly, as another helpful tip, remember that the Christmas tree should be decorated completely first and only then placed on the skirt. This will definitely protect your tree skirt from getting messed up. Merry Christmas!