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Christmas Tree Skirts

Rohini Mohan
Christmas tree skirts are in vogue. They make quite a fashion statement and are very useful for keeping the floor beneath the tree clean and for keeping the gifts. You can make your Christmas tree look all the more special this season with a beautiful tree skirt.
Since time immemorial, the Christmas tree has been an integral part of Christian history and tradition. The Christmas tree represents our communion with the lord, the fir tree has been a symbol of evergreen light and life since centuries. Its pointed tip shows us that there is heaven above us.
This year, your Christmas tree will surely stand out from the rest when you decorate it with a magnificent tree skirt. These skirts are absolutely fabulous because apart from looking splendid, they also cover up the tree's bulky trunk, catch the fallen leaves, and prevent them from getting scattered inside the house.
These skirts go well with every Christmas theme, and can either be bought or made at home!

Types of Christmas Tree Skirts

Knitted or Crocheted

The knitted and crochet tree skits available in the market are comparatively expensive and it's better to make them yourself. Homemade trees skirts can be given the color combination and stitching pattern that you desire.These skirts are difficult and time-consuming to make, so attempt to make one only if you're fairly good at knitting.

Simply Stitched

A stitched tree skirt can be made with almost any fabric. You can use velveteen, silk, satin, fleece, corduroy, or even cotton to make these tree skirts. Thereafter, you can decorate them with embroidery, golden/silver sequencing, ribbons, or tassels.
You can consider making a patchwork skirt by using different fabrics. Such skits are very popular and widely available in the market.

Quilted to Perfection

Quilted patterns come in unbelievable styles and designs. A tree skirt need not always be round or conventional. You can make skirts that are inspired by various cultures and themes, such as Chinese rugs, Japanese kimonos, Indian silk and embroidery, vintage, or even futuristic designs.
Consider going in for a white tree skirt as well. People prefer making personalized tree skirts because they can be as creative as they want and come up with fantastic patterns.

A Skirt!

Why not try some unconventional ideas that will make your Christmas even more unique. Why not actually use a large peasant skirt instead? You can also try some of these alternative ideas:
✪ Round tablecloth.
✪ Attractive plastic rug.
✪ Scarves of various colors placed in a circle.
✪ An old beer barrel!
The whole family can participate in making the tree skirt. Grandparents, all the children, family friends, and even neighbors can join to make extravagant tree skirts. If there is enough fabric left, you can make Christmas stockings, which will match the tree skirt!
Christmas is the season of giving, so gifting such tree skirts to your loved ones would be a lovely gesture. What would make the gift even more special is if it were made by you. So go ahead and try making one. Wish you a Merry Christmas!