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Creative Christmas Gifts

Charlie S
Have you been thinking about affordable and creative Christmas gifts for your parents and your kids? If so, our unique Christmas gifts will help you to know more. Continue reading to select the right gift for the right person...
Christmas is a festival of joy and of enjoying yourself to the fullest! You decorate the Christmas tree, play games, go for trips, eat your favorite food and most importantly, give and receive gifts.
Christmas gifts are appreciated a lot and they remain with us forever. If these gifts are well-thought of and creative enough, then you can surely impress your family, friends and relatives. If you need some ideas for Christmas gifts, you can use some of these ideas.

#1 - A Bottled Surprise

You can buy as many glass jars as you would require, on wholesale and fill them up with goodies. You can vary the fillings and give it a personalized touch. You can make a jar of rice mix or fill it up with all the ingredients mixed as per proportions, to make the perfect cookie or cake.
You can buy the ingredients on wholesale as well, thereby keeping the budget to a bare minimal. This gives the family receiving the gift, the freedom to bake the dessert whenever they choose to. Add the finishing touch by wrapping a ribbon around the lid. You could do the same with an assortment of spices and condiments.

#2 - Photo Printed Fabric

All you need to do is to take one particularly memorable photograph that you need and get it printed on a fabric of your choice. It could be something as big as bedspread or as small as a tie or T-shirt or even a fabric handbag or laptop case. This is an excellent idea, and a gift that will be treasured forever.

#3 - Personalized Stuffed Dolls

You can get a doll made; for your child, grandparents, spouse, sister or whoever you wish to give this adorable gift. You can order for this gift or make it on your own.
The dolls should look like the miniature replica of the person being gifted and must have a comic appeal to it. You can hand-paint the doll, and stuff it with cotton and rags.

#4 - Comic Portrait

Take one photograph that you would like to manipulate. You can either get the photo reworked on by a photo shop expert or you could doodle with it on your own desktop. All you need to do is to make the photo look like the print off a comic strip and use bright colors to add effects.
You can also make a collage or get it custom-made, so that the same photo diversifies into frames of 2, 4, or 6 with different color combinations and unique backgrounds. This gift can also be framed and given, for the person to treasure for life.

#5 - Enchanted Mirror

You can help yourself and the world around you to feel confident and beautiful by making customized wall mirrors for them. You could also get these made if you are not too confident when it comes to working on glass.
The idea is to emboss or stick, beautiful words of praise or self affirmation on the mirror. Words such as Honest, Brave, Stylish, Innocent and Beautiful can be used to emboss on the mirror.
These mirrors need not have a frame and can be provided with a strong hook for hanging on the wall. Whenever the person being given this gift will look at the mirror, they will feel wonderful about themselves.

#6 - Customized Glassware

You can gift your near and dear ones customized glassware such as beer mugs, wine glasses, shot glasses, mugs and even plates. These do not cost much and can be given with a personalized message to each friend.
You may write these messages down and ask the shop owner to emboss it on the glass or get it printed on them using specific colors and images. You may add prints of photographs as well, if you so choose.

#7 - Cool Door Mats and Rugs

You can even get customized door mats with captions, that are appropriate for the personality of the person being given the gift.
Captions, such as "The Abode to Heaven is Here, and I am first in Line." Such a message can be given to a religious person who can place it in front of the prayer room or a place where the person does his creative work, such as a workshop. Rugs and wall hangings can be worked within a similar fashion.

#8 - For Kids

You can get customized skateboards, laptop and phone skins made for the kids. You can give them customized shoes, t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets or hats.
Only make sure that they like the print that you intend to work with. For a safer option go for things that you know they love such as band logos, members, cartoon characters or a sports figure.

#9 - Reasons Book

You can make a book of around 50 thick pages and draw small cartoon stick figures, which depict your feelings for the one you care about. However, this gift is time-consuming and cannot be given to everyone.
So if there is someone really special you wish to give a gift to, this is a great idea. Remember to write whatever you feel like, to express your feelings better.

#10 - A Basket Full of Joy

This one can be given to many. Make small baskets, which you can fill with an assortment of goodies.
These may include candles, fragrances, chocolates, spa oils, baked food, stationary and wine. What you fill in the basket it completely up to you. You can also personalize the gift and change the contents according to the preference of the individual.
Hopefully, these ideas on creative Christmas gifts will help you in shopping and buying the best gifts for this upcoming event. You can pick from one of these easy to make gifts, prefer the handmade ones or think of some more gift ideas to make the occasion a special one. All the best!