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Decorative String Lights

Sujata Iyer Mar 3, 2020
Decorative string lights can make your home look bright and glamorous. Read on to know the different ways that you can use them.
There's something about string lights that melts the hearts of passersby. We see a house all lit up with pretty night lights and a warm glow emanates in our hearts. And while mostly used only during the festive season, decorative string lights can be used all year round, if you know what kind of lights to use.
You may argue that your home will end up looking like a mall that wants to announce a sale, but you'll be pleasantly surprised at the things you can do using these lights. Not only for your home, but also for yourself. Given here are some ideas to use string lights to decorate the outside and the inside of your home.

Outdoor Lights

It makes more sense to use string lights as outdoor lighting. And within this arena, you have many choices that you can put to use.
You can indulge in gorgeous landscape lighting by decorating your hedge plants and a vantage point in your garden, if you have one. You can go for simple light bulbs or if your garden is a Japanese one, then you can have a string of little paper lanterns to decorate it.
You can also try some heavy duty LED rope lighting. If you have many trees in your landscape, this is a good option, especially for a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary, when you're expecting a lot of guests. You can show off your outdoor lights with great style. You can go in for solar powered string lights if you want to save electricity.
The best option for outdoor lighting is definitely a string of frosted LED lights. There are many designs, shapes, and patterns available that you can choose from. And these need not be used only at your home.
If you own a small boutique, you can get a string of lights in the shape of pretty flowers. If it's a restaurant, then a string of wine glasses or other drinks will look nice. There are also funny lights in the shape of beer mugs available. You can use these during happy hour.

Indoor Lights

That was all about the different kinds of lights that you can use as outdoor lighting. Here are some ideas for indoor lighting. First, we need to assess the occasions we can use indoor string lights for: festivals, special occasions, dinner parties, etc.
For the festive season from Christmas until the New Year, there are plenty of designs and patterns of string lights available. These include Santa Claus lights, lights in the form of Christmas trees, Christmas ornament lights, etc.
You can decorate your windows from the inside using these lights. For the Christmas tree, you can either go for some lights in different shapes and colors like snowflake, berries, etc., or you can stick to normal colored string lights all over the tree.
For a bedroom, generally for kids' rooms, there is a lot of variety available. Cartoon string lights, superhero string lights, bell-shaped string lights, fairy lights, etc. There's so much to choose from! You can hang these lights at the window or around a particular work of art that is present in your or your kid's room.
You can also have a string of big lights around your dressing table mirror: movie star style!
As you can see, using decorative string lights need not be restricted only to a few days in the year. You can use them all year round and give your home a gleaming and sparkling appearance, from the outside as well as from the inside!