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Easy Christmas Craft Ideas

Buzzle Staff Oct 17, 2020
Christmas is the time to give, celebrate, and spread joy. This post provides some Christmas craft ideas to help you to make decorations and gifts, which can be used to decorate your house, and also to spread some goodwill among everyone.

Jingle Bell Door Hanger

  • Metal jingle bells
  • Heavy gauge wire
  • Wire cutters and pliers
  • Curling ribbons
  • 1 inch metal rings (keyring)
  • Firstly, decide the length of your hangers. Add two inches to this length, and cut the piece of wire.
  • Use pliers to wrap one end of the wire around the key-chain or metal loop, once or twice; this part will be later used for hanging.
  • String the jingle bells onto the wire to form a secure loop.
  • Add several pieces of ribbons to the loop at the bottom, and curl.
  • It's now ready, and can be hanged on the door.

Candy Cane Reindeer

  • A six inch wrapped candy cane
  • Ribbon
  • 2 wiggle eyes
  • Red or brown pompoms
  • 2 pipe cleaners
  • Some craft glue or a glue gun
  • Leave the wrapping on the candy cane, and glue the eyes on the cane's rounded face.
  • Glue a red pompom on the face for a nose.
  • On the straight part of the cane, tie a ribbon into a bow.
  • Cut one of the pipe cleaners into half, wrap the other cleaner around the crook of the cane to begin the antlers.
  • Now, use the cut pipe cleaners to make the antlers.

Pretzel Wreath

  • Small pretzels
  • Curled ribbon
  • Glue
  • Firstly, string the ribbon through the pretzel.
  • Use an under-over/over-under pattern so that the pretzels remain flat.
  • As you form a circle, apply glue to secure each of the pretzels.
  • Add another layer on the top, and glue it on a sprig of pine or holly.

Shining Snowball Ornament

  • Plastic pushpins (clear or white)
  • Small Styrofoam balls
  • Satin ribbon
  • Glitter spray (optional)
  • Insert the pushpins into the Styrofoam balls, until they are completely covered.
  • Make a loop using the satin ribbons for hanging. Use one of the pushpins to secure the loop into the ball.
  • Now, glitter spray lightly, to add a sparkling effect.
  • Once it is dry, hang this ornament on your tree.

Fun Foam Santa

  • Small pieces of foam in three colors: red, white, and flesh
  • Small pink and white colored pompoms
  • Tiny eyes
  • White curled ribbons
  • A pair of scissors
  • Pin backing or magnet
  • A craft or tacky glue
  • Firstly, cut a hat out of the red craft foam.
  • Now cut a small cloud shape out of the white foam. Glue this on the hat.
  • Cut a small half oval-faced shape out of the flesh-colored foam.
  • Glue the hat onto the face, and also glue a white pompom on the top of the hat.
  • Curl about 5 ribbons, and glue them to the face. Place one near the ears, one on each side, and three at the chin.
  • Glue the small pink pompom close to the beard for a nose. Use glue to place the eyes near the nose.
  • Lastly, glue on a pin back or a magnet so that you can either wear it on show it off on the fridge.

Sparkling Beaded Napkin Rings

  • A few tinsel pipe cleaners
  • Some metallic shiny pony beads
  • Approximately attach 24 beads to the pipe cleaner. Leave about 2 inches on each side.
  • Use the beaded segment to make a circle.
  • Secure this by twisting the pipe cleaner once or twice.
  • Once this is done, loop the remaining pipe cleaner segment around a pencil, to make the curly design on top.

Pine Cone Angel

  • A medium-sized pine cone
  • Sheet moss
  • Dried silk leaves
  • A wooden disk or ball
  • Tacky or white glue
  • Craft paint (flesh-colored)
  • Fine tipped black permanent marker
  • A pink marker, crayon, blush makeup, or lipstick
  • A small length of rickrack, wire edged ribbon, or metallic cord
  • Spray sealer, decoupage medium, or spray paint (optional)
  • Invisible fish line or thread (optional)
  • Select a pine cone that has open petals and a flat bottom.
  • Use two dry leaves for the wings. If you are using four wings, glue them together in pairs, by using small dots of white glue between the leaves.
  • If you like, you can protect them with a coating of decoupage medium or a spray sealer. You can even decorate it with gold spray paint.
  • Glue the leaves at the pack of the cone.
  • Now, paint the wooden disk/ ball in flesh-toned paint, and let it dry. Draw the facial features in pencil, and then trace over them with a fine tipped permanent black marker. While at this, you could add a little color to the cheeks with the lipstick or marker.
  • Stick small pieces of sheet moss all around the edge of the wooden disk.
  • Then, cut a small length of gold rickrack, gold cord, or even thin gold wire, use this to make a circular halo for the top of the angel's head, and stick it.
  • Now, put the angel's head into place.
  • If you wish to hang it, tie an invisible thread or fish line to one of the cone petals, near the head at the back.