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Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Want to keep your child busy this Easter holidays? Then do try these simple craft ideas that are sure to keep your little one busy and make him/her very happy.
Parul Solanki Jul 25, 2020

Quick Tip

Once your child puts in the hard work, make sure that you display the amazing masterpiece. This will boost the child's confidence.
With Easter around the corner, your kid will surely be excited about painting those Easter eggs. Easter can be lots of fun for kids as it is a great time to try out their craft skills with some simple kids' craft ideas. Making those cute paper bunnies and colorful eggs can keep the children busy and engaged.
Apart from the usual dyeing the egg with a store-bought kit, look for some innovative, yet simple, Easter craft ideas. You do not need to spend a lot on store kits. Simple craft items easily available at home, such as buttons or permanent markers, can help your child create some really cute and fun crafts.
These can be used as decoration, and the whole family can join in to make the activity thoroughly enjoyable. If you plan to spend your days leading up to Easter creating something fun and cute with your kid, then here are some simple and easy Easter craft ideas that are sure to keep him/her hooked.

10 Simple Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter Basket Decoration

Whether you want to store colorful Easter eggs or enjoy the Easter egg hunts, you would definitely need an Easter basket. The materials include a woven basket, lime-green construction paper, green and pink felt, scissors, and craft glue.
  • Cover a woven basket in lime-green construction paper.
  • Cut out small pink felt flowers, and place them underneath the grass strips to create a beautiful, nature-inspired festive Easter basket.
  • Using scissors, cut out the top half of two long green felt strips to resemble grass.
  • Glue them on the outside and inside of the basket. Cover the bottom of the basket with felt as well.
  • To create the basket handle, cut a 1-by-20-inch strip of felt. Attach it on the inner wall of the basket. If the basket has a handle, then cover it with green felt.
Egg decoration is probably the most important activity of Easter.
Colorful Easter Egg Bunnies
Along with dyeing the eggs in various colors, you can create wonderful patterns and even decorate and transform your Easter eggs into cute colorful bunnies.
This craft activity is not only fun and bright, but also simple enough for your toddler.
  • For dyeing the eggs, you need hard-boiled eggs, food color, water, vinegar, a deep bowl, and tongs. Fill the bowl with the mixture of water, vinegar, and food color. Using tongs, dip the egg into the mixture, and leave it to dry for twenty minutes, to get a brighter hue.
  • Allow the eggs to dry before painting some colorful polka dots. Use black paint for the eyes and mouth of your egg bunny.
  • Cut two rabbit ears of colorful art foam. Glue the ears to eggs in a "V" shape with the pointed end up and inner ears facing forward.
Why stick to the traditional and boring colored Easter eggs. Add a fun element by drawing funny faces on the eggs instead. This is so creative and easy that your child is bound to have fun.
Funny Easter Egg Faces
  • For this, you will need painted hard-boiled eggs and a black permanent marker.
  • Once the eggs are boiled and cool enough, paint them in different colors.
  • Hold them with the pointed end downwards and draw some fun cartoon faces.

Button Easter Egg

To make this simple Easter craft, you need buttons in various shapes and sizes, a piece of lace, three small paper roses, a lace bow, craft glue, scissors, and a textured board.
  • Trace an egg shape on a cardboard, and let your child stick buttons on it.
  • Cut out a piece of lace, and stick it to the bottom of the cardboard. Paste the bow on top.
  • Glue the paper flowers to the sides of the button egg.

Paper Eggs on a Line

This simple paper craft for Easter looks bright and wonderful. Decorate the child's room with a wonderful Easter eggs garland.
  • Cut out egg shapes from white construction paper.
  • Allow your child to color the eggs the way he/she chooses.
  • Make tiny holes at the top, and string them into a cheery garland for some great Easter decoration.

Eggshell Candles

This has got to be one of the most creative and fun craft ideas that can be used to light up your Easter table. You will need some eggs, a needle, food color, and small votive candles.
  • Using the needle make a hole at the top of each egg.
  • Enlarge the holes, and pour out the yolks. Remove one-third of the shell from the top, and clean the shells well.
  • Dye the shells with food color. Place the colored shells in a carton.
  • Place the votive candles in the shell to make this innovative eggshell candle for Easter.

Egg Bunny Stands

Decorate your house with some easy to make egg bunny stands. For this, you will need some eggs, sticker eyes, some black wool, and thick brown and green card stock.
  • Cut out the bunny's ears from brown card stock. Cut small strips of black wool for the bunny's whiskers. Glue these onto the eggs, and add sticker eyes to make the eggs look like bunnies.
  • To make the stand, take a rectangular brown paper.
  • Roll and glue one end. Cut out long strips of green paper, and stick them to the sides of the roll.
  • Place the bunnies on the roll as shown above.

Felt Bunnies

Let your child create these useful and decorative felt Easter bunny stands. For this, you will need large brown or purple felt strips, small white, red, and black felt strips, scissors, and glue.
  • Cut out a long rectangular strip of brown felt.
  • Fold it in half and roll it. Glue the ends of the roll together.
  • Cut out the pointed bunny-shaped ears, and stick them on the top of the roll or stand.
  • Cut out one large, round white face and two small round black felt eyes. Glue the white face on the stand and attach the eyes.
  • Cut out a small triangular red mouth and attach it to the face of the bunny.
  • Cut out four small strips of brown felt, and use them as whiskers for the bunny.
  • Cut out small white paws, and attach them at the bottom to complete the bunny stand.
Marbled eggs are very popular during Easter. They are as simple to create as dyed eggs. For this, you will need hard-boiled eggs, two to three types of food colors, a large bowl, warm water, olive oil, and vinegar.
Marbled Eggs

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  • Dye the eggs in a light base color.
  • Prepare the marbling mixture by using a contrasting color or a darker shade of the base color.
  • In a large bowl, pour 2 cups of warm water; add the food color of your choice, and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Stir the oily liquid to create a swirling pattern.
  • Hold the dyed egg in a pair of tongs or a spoon, and roll the egg in the oily mixture once, to pick up the oil streaks.
  • Pat the excess liquid with a paper towel, and leave the marbled egg to dry. Try different color combinations for different eggs.

Origami Easter Bunnies

An origami bunny is something that even a preschooler can make. All you need for this craft are some bright-colored construction papers. The imageĀ ahead provides step-by-step instructions to create origami paper bunnies at home.
From bunnies to eggs, these craft ideas will surely keep the children happy and busy this Easter.