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Felt Christmas Stockings

Rimlee Bhuyan
Making Christmas stockings is not very difficult and you can make some beautiful ones this festive season. Here, we are going to discuss how to make felt Christmas stockings at home.
You can of course purchase them from a store, but then it will lack that personal touch.
Whether you are gifting them or having them for stuffing presents, Christmas stockings are an integral part of Christmas. But making these stockings can be time-consuming. Knitting, Christmas stockings require a lot of time and effort and it is not always feasible to knit one for every family member.
A good solution for this is to make felt Christmas stocking. Christmas stockings made out of felt are quite easy to make and the best thing is that you can create your own unique design. Felt is a remarkably easy material to work with and you can even involve the children in this project.

Making Felt Christmas Stocking Craft

To make Christmas stockings out of felt, you can either cut and then sew felt or you can get felt Christmas stocking kits. These kits make it very easy for you and the kids to make different designs and patterns of stockings.
The kits come with pieces of different colored felt, trimmings like lace, glitter and beads and of course a template. They can be found in any good craft store or hobby center. One of the best kits around is the Bucilla felt Christmas stocking kits. You can purchase any kit that catches your fancy.
If on the other hand, you are creatively inclined and want to make your own unique felt Christmas stocking designs, then you can do that too. All you need are a few craft supplies and some free time. You will need different colors of felt as well as lace, ribbons, colorful beads, glitter, buttons and sewing thread.
You can also cut out different shapes from simple candies and snowflakes to more complicated Santa Claus, holly leaves, mistletoe and Christmas trees to dress up the stockings. You just need to glue or sew these patterns to a basic felt Christmas stocking pattern.
Given here is a simple but gorgeous pattern for making personalized Christmas stockings. In keeping with the holiday spirit, we are using red and green felt for the stockings.

Felt Christmas Stocking Pattern

Things Required
  • Two 12'' x 18'' red colored felt
  • Two 8'' x 8'' green colored felt
  • Large card stock
  • Transparent nylon embroidery floss
  • Red colored beads
  • Pair of sharp scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric marker

In a large card stock, draw a stocking pattern that is 10'' x16''. Now carefully cut out this pattern with a pair of sharp scissors. Once you have the pattern, look at it carefully to make sure that the stocking pattern looks proportional.
If you are satisfied with the pattern, place the two red colored felt over it and trace the outline of the pattern with a fabric marker. Cut the felt with the scissors and leave them aside. Now draw a small Christmas tree approximately 6 inch in length on the card stock. Cut out the pattern.
Place the two green felt over it and carefully cut out the patterns in felt. Now sew the red felt together with the transparent nylon embroidery floss, making sure that the stitches are even. Turn stockings inside out. Apply a bit of fabric glue on one side of the green felt Christmas tree pattern that you had cut earlier and stick it to the felt stocking.
Making your very own Christmas decorations like felt stockings is a lot of fun and cost-effective too. Use these stockings as stocking stuffers this Christmas or for decorating your fireplace mantel.