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Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

A fiber optic Christmas tree is one decoration to watch out for this holiday season. Read on to know more about this must-have decor!
Aastha Dogra
"The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!" ~ Charles N. Barnard
What is Christmas without a beautiful, glowing and full-of-gifts Christmas tree, around which the whole family sits together, to make happy memories. According to Christmas traditions, people used to cut their own Christmas trees and then get them to their house.
Once at the house, the whole family, including the kids, elders and oldies used to spend hours in decorating the tree with various kinds of Christmas ornaments and decorations.
Today, people no longer have the time or inclination to go to such lengths! Although the sentiments attached to this festival remain the same, yet, people today want something as beautiful as the real tree and that too in an instant.

Choosing a Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

With Fiber Optics Technology...

With the usage of this technology, Christmas trees today can be used for decoration, the whole year round. As the name suggests, it is made up of small fibers, through which light can pass from one end to the other.
That's why, these trees do not need to be decorated with lights as the other kinds of artificial trees. The lights glow from inside the fibers in the trees. Since these are not natural trees, they can last for years and thus, you don't have to spend money on buying a tree every Christmas.
Moreover, these days, some amazing varieties are available, which exhibit lights of a number of colors, thus giving a new look to the tree as well as the area of your house where they are placed, every now and then!

Colors and Sizes...

These trees come in all kinds of colors such as red, silver, golden, blue, pink, green and white. So, you have a wide variety to choose from, although, since it's for Christmas, ideally you should opt for a green or the white one.
Like the color, there is a wide range available in the sizes too. You will be surprised to find small fiber optic Christmas trees of around two feet as well as over ten feet large trees! There is a whole lot to choose from as far as designs are concerned too.
Some trees come with a tantalizing topstar, while others come with an alluring Santa in the front! Likewise, if you search carefully, you will find numerous styles available.

With LED Lights...

Contrary to what people think, the fiber optic trees do not consume much electricity. Some of these trees come with LED bulb lights of different colors and have an inbuilt electronic control system.
So, if you like blinking lights as well as other kinds of lighting effects, go in for these. You can get them for anywhere over hundred dollars to thousand dollars a piece, online. You just have to order online and it will be delivered at your place, within no time and without any hassle!


Pre-decorated Christmas trees made from fiber optics have their own beauty. These trees come with various kinds of Christmas decorations and ornaments such as fruits, candles, balls, stars, etc, each of which illuminates with light from within!
These trees are the perfect bet for those who like their Christmas trees well-decorated but do not have the time or will to decorate it themselves!


If you want to add a bit of drama to your Christmas festivities, go in for a small revolving tree. You can easily find such trees online for as low as twenty-five dollars. And the best part is that they come complete with lights and Christmas ornaments.

With USB...

For those of you looking for a small fiber optic Christmas tree to keep on your computer table, a good idea is to go in for the one which can be powered by a computer using a USB cable. The tree will remain activated for as long as the computer is on. These trees made from fiber optics, come with LED lights which will illuminate and beautify your room.
Here's hoping that these tips will help you in selecting the right tree for your house. Besides the tips given here, one very important thing to consider while buying a Christmas tree is the kind of space you have for it.
Do not opt for a large tree if you do not have sufficient space to keep it. Similarly, do not keep a small tree in an empty corner. To choose the perfect tree, the size, color, shape and style - all matter equally!