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Fortune Teller Costume Ideas

Aparna Jadhav Aug 24, 2020
Whether you have decided to dress up as one for a Halloween party or a fancy dress competition, these tips will help you carry off the fortune teller look with panache and make you look every bit the part. Be surprised by the number of twists you could add to a simple gypsy costume.
Dressing up as a gypsy fortune teller sure sounds fun and interesting. But you need to get the details right to look the part and not just come across as a run-of-the-mill ordinary dressed up fortune teller.
If you would have noticed, fortune tellers don many different looks, some are dressed in a variety of colors, some accessorize with feathers, some with beads and crystals, and some play around with weirdly shaped hats.
Taking on cue, your costume should spell brilliance in versatility, should not be a sore sight but an appealing one, should be modern and hip, yet feel contemporary. This story puts things in perspective for you and helps you stir up the perfect costume.
That most fortune tellers are women dressed in fancy costumes and glittering accessories, is a stereotype. They usually have crystal balls in their hands with long-pointed nails, a pack of tarot cards in their sling bags, and beaded cornrows in their hair.
Imagine a kid of only five years old dressed up just like this! This costume was just an example. Like this, there are costumes galore for kids, teenagers, and older women that have been mentioned below in the paragraphs. Take a look at some great Halloween costumes and pick your favorites.

Above the Waist

These costumes for women and children are always layered and a combination of a number of clothing pieces. Therefore, in this story, we have divided it into two parts, dressing up above and below the waist.
Garments that can be used for above the waist clothing include shirts, blouses, and tops which are very trendy and are commonly known to be the most impressive part of the costume. Since fortune tellers are associated with the gypsy style of dressing or have a Latino touch, the blouses and shirts are usually white with frills.
They have gathered scooped necks, long wide flowing or puffy, and gathered sleeves at the wrist or the elbow. If you are wearing a white shirt, you can use the designs of a peasant or a pirate shirt. You can also add a front laced vest which can either be black, brightly colored, floral, etc.

Below the Waist

The other half of the costume is completed by the pants or the skirts, which are very attractive and fancy. Mostly, people use skirts for the bottoms as fortune teller women are always seen dressed in either knee or below the knee length frilled skirts.
Therefore, you can use a brightly colored long skirt, a black long wide flowing skirt, or just a below-the-knee, frilled black skirt. Some gypsy costume ideas usually are accessorized with shoes or boots, so you can first wear black leotard stockings and then plain black shoes or knee length boots.
Pencil heeled boots look very stylish when they are worn with half size skirts. You can also wear a brightly colored apron or tie a shimmery scarf or sash at your waist.


No fortune teller costume can be complete without accessories. Fortune tellers are known to don the trendiest of fashion accessories, which no one else would dare to wear! Their accessories are bright and bold with a lot of beaded work, glittering sequins, and shinning scarfs.
Match these bandanas, scarves, and sequinned pieces of clothing with colorful skirts, vests, or the sash you are wearing, or simply pick a silver/gold colored scarf to tie around the head.
Match these bandanas, scarves, and sequinned pieces of clothing with colorful skirts, vests, or the sash you are wearing, or simply pick a silver/gold colored scarf to tie around the head.
A headband used as hair accessories is also a great option if you are not comfortable with the bandana. Golden hoops, beaded necklaces, bangles, stone rings on each finger, and anklets are definitely a necessity for a fortune teller!
Now you have got a lot of ideas and some of your own running through your head too. Don't be shy, because with fortune tellers, the quirkier the costume, the better it is and the more believable they are!