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Fun Ideas for a Family Weekend

Mrunal Belvalkar Mar 4, 2020
It is a common place scenario in families nowadays, where the only time everybody gets to see each other is on Sundays! How do you manage to keep up with each others lives? Here are some fun ideas to plan a family weekend that will help you rejuvenate the bond!
It is very important in today's world to stay connected to the people in your life - for it is so easy to lose contact in the fast-paced lives we live every single day! With the in-time and out-time of each family member being different, it is often on Twitter and Facebook that you come to know about what's happening in each others' lives!
One good way to stay in touch with everyone and keep the family bond strong and alive is to plan a family weekend. You know what they say, heart is where the family is.
So, let's take a look at all the fun things you can do with your family over the weekend.

Fun Family Weekend Ideas

Bon Appetite!

Making a trip to the kitchen, to cook rather than to eat, could be a fun way to spend a lazy afternoon indoors! Involve the family in the cook process.
Make really simple dishes like pasta, garlic toast, or something elaborate like a five-course meal. Give your hand at cakes, cookies, sandwiches and the likes. Cooking together will give you a lot of opportunity to actually work on something together.

Home Improvement

Weekends are perfect for improving the look of your house. Get the whole family involved to refurbish a rooms one by one. Make furniture like a center-table, a bookshelf, or if you really ambitious then maybe a bay window!
If carpentry is not really your thing, you could probably paint your house. If that is too big a task, you could all paint one wall as an accent wall together and transform it the room altogether!

Memories Immortalized

Making a family scrapbook is one of the perfect options for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Everyone has an artist in him/herself, and it is good to let that artist out once in a while. You could compile all pictures together and make a scrapbook full of memories.
Add in some inside jokes, funny quotes and incidences that could go with the pictures. Dinner bills, hotel bills, could be added onto as souvenirs. You could draw, sketch, paint, add stickers and make it into a personalized photo album.

Clean and Green

Gardening is not technically an 'indoor' activity, but it is still closely related to your house. You could set about cleaning your garden.
Mow the lawn, prune the plants, or add fertilizers. It is something oddly therapeutic about getting your hands dirty with mud while gardening! And your kids will love it!

Garage Sale

This is probably one of the best ways to clear unwanted things in the house and earn some money out of it! Plus everyone's participation is mandatory.
You could get your kids to make banners and flyers to put up so that your neighbors, relatives, and friends telling them about the sale.

Bon Voyage!

This is probably one of the most common ideas of a fun-filled family weekend - to plan a trip to somewhere. You could go camping, fishing, trekking, mountaineering, cycling or even scuba-diving! You could plan for an overnight trip.
Pack up a couple of tents, build a crackling fire, cook food, and sleep under the star-lit sky. You could even pack a telescope for star-gazing.

Social Work

Social work could include anything from donating old books to a library, to paying a visit to an orphanage and offering to work with the kids for the weekend.
If your children are really young, then engaging in social work could be a great way to teach them about responsibility and sharing. You could also take a trip to the soup kitchen.

Makeover For All

Get everyone in the family a complete makeover! Get a new hair-cut, color your hair, change your wardrobe, and totally transform yourself into someone new!
Besides, there is no age-limit for it either! The makeover could be followed by a movie, or by lunch/dinner; after all you would be eager to go flaunt your new look once you have got it, won't you?
Life gets a little too hard on us sometimes, and we tend to lose touch with ourselves and our family even though we don't mean to! Family weekends are the best way to re-establish the connect. There are so many options in front of you, you are now looking forward to the coming weekend! Have a great weekend!