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Epic Game Ideas for Family Gatherings

Neha Joshi Jul 27, 2020
If you are looking for some fun game ideas for family gatherings and reunions, read on to know about some interesting game ideas. Family gatherings are always fun, but with these games, they sure are going to create some more memorable memories! Check them out!
A family reunion, is always looked forward to by every single member of the family. It is very important to spend time with family. However, the world and its expectations from us are not allowing us this luxury. This is why, you should make the most of the gatherings that you do get to attend.
Games at such family gatherings, just get you a little closer to achieving this. There are so many family reunion games and ideas we know of, yet we search for new ones, isn't it? Given here are some different and unique games for family gatherings, which will assure some fun and good time at your family gathering this time.
While some need preparation, some can be played instantly! Continue reading to know some really amazing games that you can play!

Interesting Game Ideas for Family Gatherings

Start Growing the Tree

There are many versions of this game but the most amazing one is this. The start of this game should be done as one group. Draw your family tree and leave places wherever you need to write down names. After this, gather everyone again and divide them into equal groups.
Cut the tree into pieces, and these pieces should be equal to the number of groups. Give every group one piece and ask them to complete it with the coloring and writing down of the names. Give everyone say half an hour to one hour, to complete this task.
The decoration of that tree should be done according to a theme and there should be no blank space left anywhere on that part. No 'white' should be visible. The best theme and the best coloring, shall win this game. At the end of it, join the pieces you have, and you'll have a family tree that can compete for contemporary art!

Catching Up, Differently!

We have all heard the truth and dare game, haven't we? But then, how is this relevant to game ideas for gatherings? Well, actually it is! After dinner, over some nice wine, this is the perfect game to play. Sit around in a circle or in such a way that everyone can see everyone.
You have to decide one person who will start the game, from his right. This person, has to ask the person on his right, one question to which the other person must answer truthfully. The questions you will be asking in this game, should in one way or another, concern the recent events of each other's lives.
By asking these questions, you will know more about your family. This way, you can catch up at this gathering, in a fun way. You can also ask a few personal questions, the answers to which you wouldn't know otherwise! If all the people present are game for it, you can also include the 'dare' option in this game.

Hunt Down the Old Family Albums

This needs preparation, so take time before the gathering. There are two ways to play this game. First, find all old family albums. Next, select a few photographs that include some distant relatives.
At the gathering, you can quiz people with the help of these photographs. Another way to go about this game is this - Take out an extra copy or just scan all the important photographs in the albums. Make sure you have loads of them and every single member is included. At the gathering, make groups and give each group, equal number of photographs.
Each group, in a limited time, has to prepare a collage of the photographs they have received. The best collage wins the game! After everyone is done, you can combine all these collages and make a small scrapbook. The scrapbook can also, later, be a great heirloom!

Write Down Memorable Memories

This is my favorite amongst all the game ideas for family gatherings. This game will not require division of people into groups, as everyone will be playing individually. Give everyone a blank paper and a pencil.
Everyone single person present at the gathering, has to write down their most special memory with every person present at the gathering. You also have to write why this memory is special to you. After everyone is done writing, they will have to recite what they have written, one by one.
The best written piece of memory, will win the game. The winner for this game will be decided through votes. Everyone will have to write the name of one person, on a chit, who they consider as the winner. This game will bring back some long-lost memories and that sure is going to be very special for everyone.

Potluck Meal Game

At the gathering, don't prepare any food for the family members. Get a truckload of ingredients from the grocery store and stack them up on a table. Write down the name of all the ingredients, individually on separate chits of paper.
Divide the number of guests into equal groups and make sure every group has a few elders in it. Ask every group to pick up a chit, one by one, until all of them are over. Once the chits are over, every group will have a few ingredients with them.
In the decided number of time, each group has to prepare one dish for everyone present. The best preparation wins the game and you also have a potluck meal ready at your reunion. As a backup, keep some drinks and snacks ready!
Those were a few family reunion games and activities you can plan for your upcoming gathering and have some amazing fun! You can also ask some of your friends to help you out with more game ideas for family gatherings.
Play games that need the least amount of preparation. This way, you won't be engaging yourself in preparing much and can spend that time with your family members instead. Hope you have a great time this family gathering!