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Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are popular among eyewear for spicing up your looks. But, did you check out the glow in the dark lenses? They make for funky eyewear to turn all eyes towards you.
Mamta Mule Aug 18, 2020
Wearing contact lenses is a trend in the young fashionistas. Let's see how to don an out-of-the-crowd look. If you think that contact lenses have nothing new to offer, then you are wrong!
Go through the following sections to know about the coolest option from the world of eyewear; the flashy 'glow in the dark contact lenses'. These are the best fashion accessories for your club wear and a perfect pair for playing up the Halloween outfit. Wear lenses that glow in the dark and get noticed from miles away.

What are Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses?

Glow in the dark contacts are the latest accessories from the eyewear section. While contact lenses are now a common eyewear, available in several colors and types, glow in the dark lenses are freshly launched pieces which are soon gaining a huge popularity.
As the name suggests, these have a glowing effect in the dark. Their surface is coated with a special luminescent material, which makes them glow in darkness. Remember, they will not glow in complete darkness. These show the best effect in club backlights. They won't glow at all in well illuminated areas.

When are these Used?

Previously used for special effects, these are now commonly opted for wearing a glamorous look. Years ago, these were used in films, especially in the horror films for creating the special effects as theatrical lenses do.
Today, these are used during several occasions, and even when there is 'no special occasion'. You can hit a fancy dress competition or Halloween party by wearing these lenses that glow in the dark. If you love wearing lenses, use these anytime to look funky.

Color Options

These contact lenses are available in a number of colors. You can choose one to match your outfit or highlight your look and make them double as crazy colored contact lenses.
Completely white lenses look most horrifying, while you wear them and stand in a nightclub. Your eyes will be 'all white' and look extremely frightful. These are also available in other colors like light blue and light purple.
Fiery red and orange are common colors used during Halloween parties. What's more, these are also available in awesome combinations that you wouldn't like to miss out. Green and brown makes a combination, which is perfect for a party night.
Yellow and orange combo is another option that you would love to try out with a matching outfit. Pink and magenta are popular picks of many girls.

Care to be Taken

So, while you opt for these contact lenses, some care definitely needs to be taken. You can check these in eyewear showrooms, online eyewear shopping websites and novelty shops with or without prescription. But, remember that it is necessary to get these under the guidance of an ophthalmologist.
Opt for the perfect glow in the dark contacts with prescription, so that you get the right size. Though these are non-corrective, you can also have them ordered and made according to your power, with help of a prescription. Remember that ill-fitting lenses can create problems for your eyes and damage them.
Also, never share them as you may end up spreading or contracting infections. Store them properly and rinse with a cleaning solution which is specially formulated for these lenses. Do not wear these lenses while you swim or bathe and use them occasionally, not regularly.
By now you might be really excited to get one of these glow in the dark lenses for yourself. Well,we are sure that you will find a perfect pair of flashy lenses suitable for your needs. So, get a pair of this funky eyewear and dress up well to flaunt your trendy look.