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Gypsy Costume Ideas

Aparna Jadhav
Tired of dressing up as a vampire, a ghost, or a princess for fancy dress parties? Take a more bohemian approach to costumes, with interesting ideas to dress up like a gypsy.
What do you imagine when you first hear the word gypsy? Bohemian, nomadic people dressed in clothes that have a beauty of their own.
Long, flowing skirts, loose blouses, leather vests, bandannas, a myriad of colors, and a variety of jewelry; all these form an integral part of gypsy clothing. If you plan on wearing such a costume to your next dress-up party, we give you all the essential tips.

The Gypsy Gal

Traditionally, a gypsy woman would wear long, trailing skirts in vibrant colors. The skirt would be teamed with a peasant blouse, which was generally worn off-the-shoulders. Many women also teamed up this outfit with a waistcoat or a corset to highlight their figure. They wore colorful scarves around their waists and as bandannas.
They also wore chunky belts with metal work. Gypsy women showcased an inherent love for trinkets with lots of beads, rings, bangles, and anklets. If you want to dress up as a gypsy woman, then follow the simple tips given below.
  • Choose a long, colorful maxi dress with floral prints. If you cannot find something that creates this effect, then wear two colorful skirts of different lengths in contrasting colors over each other to create a frilly, tiered look.
  • Ideally, you should choose a blouse that is loose and lacy with ruffles, and which has an elastic at the waist to give it a gathered look. If you do not find a blouse in this design, then pick a plain white blouse and wear a waistcoat/corset over it.
  • Now take a vibrant, colorful scarf, fold it diagonally, and tie it around your waist. Over this, wear multiple belts, tied loosely. Pick a broad belt with a big buckle and tiny, daintier belts with metal work.
  • Accessorizing is the next step and you can start by wearing big earrings, multiple bracelets and bangles, and a couple of chains.
  • You can choose to either go bare-feet, wear gladiators or tie-ups, or even wear a pair of lace-up, flat boots to complete your gypsy look.

The Gypsy Guy

Gypsy men wear clothes that were as elaborate as women. They wore breeches in either black or brown color that were tight-fitting.

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These trousers were made of cotton so that they would dry easily. They would wear these with a loose white or black shirt and team it with a colorful waistcoat. Scarves or bandannas were an integral part of their outfit and were worn on their head and also around their waist. Men would also wear hoop earrings and chunky rings.
If you do not have a pair of breeches, then you could opt to wear tight leather pants or even drop-crotch pants that are in vogue these days.
  • Wear a loose cotton shirt (normally called the artist's shirt) which gathers at the waist. You can wear a belt to ensure that the shirt remains tight-fitting at the waist. Do not tuck in the shirt.
  • Wear a scarf or bandanna of your choice as headgear and weave some beads into your hair.
  • Raid your wife's, girlfriend's, or sister's wardrobe for some chunky rings and bracelets. You can buy clip-on golden hoops to wear as well.
Work your charm and spread your magic the next time you have a party to attend with these cool and mysteriously gorgeous costume ideas to dress up like a gypsy.