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Halloween Party Favors

Kritika Parwani Aug 21, 2020
It's Halloween and you are ready to throw a monster bash. Whether you are mummifying your guests, or stirring spider cider, you are all set to have ghoulish fun. But don't let the fun end after the party! Send your guests home with some spooky favors.
'Trick or treat' - that's what you'll be hearing everywhere you go. Yes, it is that time of the year again. Halloween is almost here, and you must have planned a spooky party for all your guests. Favors are a great way to end that fabulous spooky party. Most of these are easy and fun to make! All you need is some creativity.

How to Make Halloween Party Favors

Halloween is a time which gives all of us the opportunity to dress up in costumes and become scary ghosts or sexy vampires. Everyone from kids and teenagers, to adults awaits this day.
One of the important aspects of any party are the favors. The right amount of humor and spookiness can make them a hit with all the guests. However, you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket for them.

Eerie Popcorn Hand

For any favor to be a hit, you need to be a child at heart. A spooky popcorn hand can be made with the help of popcorn, candy corn, kitchen transparent gloves, and a plastic Halloween ring (available at most dollar stores). Use only food safe gloves, which are available at local restaurants or supermarkets.
Procedure: Take the glove and put one candy corn in each fingertip. Fill the fingers with popcorn and tie them with rubber bands or ribbons. Make it more creative by making blood like marks with a red sketch pen on the glove. Put the ring (in any spooky shape, like a spider or a bat) on one of the fingers of the glove and voila! Spooky popcorn hand is ready!

Spooky Soaps

One of the easiest items to make is a spooky soap. To make this, you need a block of glycerin soap (available at most craft stores), a silicone muffin mold, small plastic toys, like eyeballs, spiders, googly eyes, etc., tweezers, tissue paper, ribbon, and a microwave.
Procedure: Cut the glycerin soaps. Take the silicone muffin mold and add two sections of soap in each. Put the silicone molds in the microwave for a few seconds, just enough for it to melt the glycerin. Remove the melted soap from the oven and place it on a flat surface.
With the help of tweezers, or even chopsticks, suspend plastic toys into the melted soap. Let the soap cool. Once it has completely cooled down and hardened, you can remove the soap out of the molds. Once they are out, you can cover the soaps with clear wrap, along with a ribbon, and you have one of the coolest favors ready!

Ghost Cookies

Besides being synonymous with ghosts, goblins, and ghouls, Halloween is also synonymous with cookies and candies. So one of the coolest favors is to just bake some cookies! To make it more fun, you can even ask your kids to help out in baking cookies.
To give it a more spooky feel, bake them in shapes of little Casper ghosts! You can also add caramel apples, ghostly cookies, candy corn, marshmallows, a container of homemade cocoa mix, and wrap it in orange and black wrapping, to make it look like an impressive gift hamper.

Mummy Bandage Balls

All you need is bandage, white crepe paper, a Halloween key chain, charm bracelet or fridge magnet, and glue, to make this item.
Procedure: Roll soft white crepe paper in a ball around the Halloween based key chain, charm bracelet, or fridge magnet. Use the bandage to tuck or glue the end of each bandage roll. You can fill up a bowl with these and hand them out after the party. You can also make a few extra mummy bandage balls and hand them out to winners of your party games.

Paper-Mache Pumpkins

Halloween is not complete without pumpkins. Giving this gift is like sending your guests home with a symbol of Halloween. This item can also double up as a decoration.
In order to make paper-mache pumpkins, you need orange tissue paper, a mini balloon (3 or 4 inches in diameter), candies, stickers or trinkets, green paper, black construction paper, and glue.
Procedure: Layer the orange paper and stick it over the inflated mini balloon. Then deflate the balloon, and it fill with a few pieces of candy, trinkets, or stickers etc. Seal the top by making a leaf of the green paper. Use black construction paper to make the pumpkin features, and your mini pumpkins are ready.
These were just a few ideas for making party favors for Halloween. All you need is your imagination and creativity to come up with different spooky gifts to impress your guests!