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Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Rimlee Bhuyan
Christmas is just around the corner and what can be more exciting than making handmade Christmas ornaments? Here, we are going to discuss how to make Christmas ornaments at home.
With Christmas fast approaching, you need Christmas ornaments that will adorn your Christmas tree. But this year instead of buying expensive Christmas ornaments, why don't you make Christmas ornaments at home. It is a cheaper option and you, and your family, can have great fun making them too.
Making Christmas ornaments at home is not very difficult, and all you need are some essential materials and supplies. You can use your creativity to come up with different shapes and designs of ornaments and use simple household supplies and crafts to make them.

Handmade Christmas Ornament Ideas

There are many ways to make unique Christmas ornaments by using materials like wood, felt, paper, glitter, feather and ribbon. You can also embellish clear glass ornaments to make Christmas ornaments by using sequins, ribbons, beads and glitter. Here are a few homemade Christmas ornament ideas for you to try.

Embellished Star Ornament

Things required
Silver colored wrapping paper
♦ Glitter
♦ Pair of scissors
♦ Strong glue
♦ Wax paper
♦ Small beads
♦ Silver card paper
To make this embellished star ornament, cut the piece of silver colored wrapping paper into a small 5 inch square. Now fold the paper half, lengthwise, and then fold it again to get a smaller square. Now fold the paper again, diagonally, to get a triangle shape.
Now with a pencil, draw some shapes like triangles and squares on the diagonal edge of the paper. Cut this shapes out with a sharp knife and then unfold the paper. You will get a beautiful snowflake design on the paper. Keep this snowflake aside.
From the card paper, cut a 7 inch square and draw a 5-armed star on it. Cut the star out and then punch a small hole in one of the arms. Loop a piece of satin ribbon through it to hang the star.
Apply a bit of glue on the center of the star and the back of the snowflake. Firmly glue the snowflake at the center of the star. Decorate the star with some glitter and glue some colorful beads at the center of the snowflake.

Sequined Ball Ornament

Things required
♦ 1 medium-sized plastic foam ball
♦ Pieces of red and green felt
♦ ½ inch straight pins
♦ Faux pearls
♦ Golden colored satin ribbons
♦ Colorful sequins
♦ Silver trimming
♦ Pair of scissors
♦ Fabric glue
To make this homemade Christmas tree ornament, you need to cut three pieces of green felt and three pieces of red felt by measuring the dimensions of the plastic ball. Now, place one piece of red felt over the ball and pin it in place with two straight ½ inch pins.
Next, pin a green colored felt piece over the ball. Continue in this way, alternating between red and green pieces of felt, until the whole ball is covered. Make sure that you stretch the felt slightly so that it sits evenly over the ball. Cut out the golden ribbon and cover the seams of the felt with it.
You can either glue it in place or use pins to secure ribbon. Gluing is a better option, since it will give a neat appearance. Now glue the faux pearls and sequins all over the felt ball to create an ornamental effect. Finally, glue silver trimmings all along the circumference of the ball.

Ribbon and Pearl Ornament

Things required
Wide red ribbon
♦ Beading needle
♦ Large faux round pearls
♦ Piece of nylon string
♦ Spray adhesive
♦ Narrow silver ribbon
For making this simple Christmas craft, glue the narrow silver colored ribbon on both the edges of the wide red ribbon with the spray adhesive. Iron the ribbon to make sure that it has no creases. Cut the ribbon to a length of around 18 inches.
Thread the nylon string through the beading needle and string it with a pearl. Now remove the needle from the thread and then take both the ends of the thread and thread it through the needle. Now push the needle through one side of the wide ribbon and thread with another pearl. Now make a fold on the ribbon and push the needle through the ribbon again.
Thread another pearl and again fold the ribbon and push it through the needle. Continue in this way, until you reach the end of the ribbon. Finish it with a pearl and secure with a small knot. Attach a thread from the ornament to hang it on your Christmas tree, and you are done.

Glittery Christmas Ornament

Things required
♦ White colored Christmas ball ornament
♦ Decoupage glue
♦ Silver glitter
♦ Small paintbrush
To make this glittery Christmas ornament, first dip the paintbrush in decoupage glue. Next, brush the top portion of the white colored ball ornament with the paintbrush. Apply random strokes with the paintbrush.
While the decoupage glue is still wet, sprinkle the silver glitter over the ornament. Let the ornament dry completely. Your glittery Christmas ornament is ready and this is a great way to recycle old Christmas ornaments.
There are many handmade Christmas ornaments patterns like this, and you and your family can have great fun making them. So, this season make Christmas ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree.